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Sanjiv Goenka has been at the receiving end of a lot of hate and negativity ever since he was caught on camera losing his cool at KL Rahul. A video of the LSG owner grilling KL Rahul post the team's defeat against Sunrisers Hyderabad left the whole nation shocked. Many former cricketers, commentators have reacted to the scene that played out.

And Sehwag too has shared his opinion now. The former cricketer, who is known for never mincing his words, had some truth bombs to drop on Goenka. Sehwag reprimanded Sanjiv for interfering in the match and losing his calm. Virender Sehwag also added that an owner's role should only be to motivate the team.

Sehwag shares his opinion

Not just this, he also reminded everyone that Sanjiv Goenka is already in profit and hence such an outburst was uncalled for. "These are all businessmen. They only understand profit and loss. But here, there is no loss, so what's bothering them? You are earning a 400-crore profit. I mean, this is a business where you have to do nothing at all. You have guys to take care of that, and irrespective of what happens, you are earning profit," he told Cricbuzz.

Hints at player switching teams

Sehwag also mentioned that such behaviour makes the player think that they will switch their teams and this leads to the team not being strong enough to win. "So your work should only be to motivate the players. What happens is that the player will think that there are other franchises in the IPL, if I leave, someone else will take me. And if you lose a player, your chances of winning are zero. When I left Punjab, they were fifth. They never came fifth in any other season," he further added.