Sanjiv Goenka, KL Rahul
Sanjiv Goenka, KL RahulTwitter

A video of an animated discussion between Lucknow Super Giants owner Sanjiv Goenka and KL Rahul has angered social media. After LSG's defeat against Sunrisers Hyderabad, Goenka was seen lashing out at KL Rahul. "I am at a loss for words," Rahul had said after the game. Goenka riling up a dejected Rahul hasn't gone down with anyone on social media.

Many have urged KL Rahul to choose another team from next year and many have asked him to quit right away. There were many who criticised Sanjiv Goenka for making a spectacle in front of crores of audience watching in the stadium and on TV. There were many who reasoned that Goenka's fury was genuine but could have been done away from the media's glare.

Sanjiv Goenka, KL Rahul
Sanjiv Goenka, KL RahulTwitter

Social media reaction

"LSG owner Sanjiv Goenka doesn't look happy," wrote a user.

"I don't know what was being said or discussed there, but Goenka's reactions didn't give happy vibes. Whatever it is, such animated discussions should always happen behind closed doors. Not openly in the field, that too, just after a tough loss," another user commented.

"The Reason GG left Lsg was more interference of Owner in Team It's happens in IPL Last 2 seasons they qualified Owners should understand their limits tbh," a fan commented.

"Owners interference-big no in franchise sport.leave it to people whom you hire," a comment read.

"KL is not getting retained for sure," another comment read.

"If the owner is visible on the field, it is a problem. Ambani and Zinta are decent people and seem to encourage the players and enjoy themselves. But otherwise, owners should remain in the background," read one more comment.

"Highly unprofessional on Goenka's part," one more comment read.

"KL Rahul should quit and wait to be picked up by someone better next year," another cricket lover wrote.

"This looks bad. One shouldn't presume what they must be talking about but the reactions of owner are way too animated to be interpreted as otherwise. It's a PR disaster," read another one of the comments.