Virat Kohli RCB
Virat Kohli, the skipper of Bengaluru-based Royal Challengers BangaloreIANS

Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli deleted his one-year-old tweet welcoming Anil Kumble as the coach of the national team, adding more fuel to the controversy which has engulfed Indian cricket in the wake of the former captain's resignation from his job. The tweet said: "Heartiest welcome to @anilkumble1074 Sir. Look forward to your tenure with us. Great things in store for Indian Cricket with you."

Was it necessary for the captain to do it? Certainly not. Kohli's act is not going to win him many friends.

The captain should have remembered that he is also the captain of the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in the Indian Premier League (IPL) and enjoys a decent fan following in the city to which Kumble belongs. Kohli has already made a lot of people upset with his reportedly unkind treatment of Kumble and now with the deletion of the tweet, Kohli is certainly going to hurt more feelings among the cricket lovers, especially in Bengaluru.

A journalist friend of mine in Bengaluru called Kohli's act "puerile", something "unbecoming of a captain/leader" and there will be more like him slamming the captain for the way he conducted himself.

Kohli, one suspects, has a major problem with his temperament when it comes to man management. Given the overt reactions that he exudes on the field, both in times of victories and losses, it is not exaggerating to say that the man lacks the skill to tame his emotions, unlike the way he tames the bowlers. He deleted the tweet perhaps because he was extremely upset for being targeted from various quarters after Kumble's exit. But that is not the way it is done, skipper! You need to know other ways to handle your anger.

It will be interesting to see how RCB supporters receive Kohli the next year as their captain. Given the fact that RCB haven't won a single title so far, their supporters are not really ecstatic over their performance, and now with Kohli humiliating one of Bengaluru's most successful sons of the soil, the frustration could be too difficult to cap now.

You are in the brightest phase of your life Kohli. Don't ruin it.