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Once in a while, there is a special athlete who enters the fray, single-handedly bosses his business, spreads happiness, makes the nation proud and creates a legacy. Virat Kohli has been doing this for years.Reuters

Virat Kohli -- the cricketer, needs no introduction. We all know about his antics on the field -- give him the bat, some time to settle down and a good partner to run with, in between the wickets. That's all, Virat, the star comes to the fore, giving cricket fans some everlasting moments of cheer, time and again.

His ODI, Test match and T20I records are a testament to the superstar that he is. In the last decade or so, Virat has gone on to become one of the greatest cricketers to ever play for India. Good news is that the aggressive stroke play and his unique batting demeanour isn't coming to an end very soon. There are many years to go and many more records to be broken. Virat himself knows that!

The three-year-old kid, who would swing the bat aggressively at his Uttam Nagar residence in New Delhi, has seen life for over close to three decades now. Virat Kohli officially turns 28 on Saturday, November 5, 2015.

On this very bright occasion, let us look into something not many of us know of -- the cricketer's life outside the game. Of course, his relationship with Ae Dil Hai Mushkil actor Anushka Sharma has hogged the limelight for all the bad reasons, unfortunately, and Kohli has also been targeted by trolls, but we haven't really given a great deal of attention to what really goes on in the mind of Virat and what he stands for.

What better way than looking into one of the social media platforms frequented by him -- Instagram. From portraying his love towards his country and his parents as well as standing up for people's rights and giving his fans a reason to go "aww", Virat has done it all.

#grateful #heiswatching#believe. Everyday is a new beginning

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Check these amazing posts from Virat's Instagram

Mom's the word - Virat is utterly close to his mom, Saroj Kohli. His dad died in December 2006 due to brain stroke and since then, it is her mom who has been playing the role of both his parents. He was recently seen wearing the name of his mother behind his jersey. Although the initiative was a part of a campaign by Star India, pretty sure Kohli enjoyed every bit of the attention his mom was getting.

Well, he has sung too - In the posts below, Virat is seen singing the famous hindi number Jo wada kiya woh nibhana padega at a function. All of us have done it at some point of our life, haven't we, all bathroom singers? But how many of you remember that Virat also rapped for the legendary AR Rahman in the theme song of Premier Futsal in India.

Part 2 ?. Morning all ??☀️. Have a great day everyone. God bless

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Standing up for Anushka Sharma and women - Truth be told, Virat and Anushka are close friends. Couple or not, it is not for us to decide or assume anything. However, several times the Bollywood star has been blamed for Virat's poor performances on the cricket field, which was totally uncalled for. Virat gave an example of what a real man does in these situations as he came out with his own class to silence the trolls and give the critics enough inferiority complex.

Humility and simplicity - Virat is a believer in God and not many people can remain humble and so down-to-earth when they have all the possible fame in the world and the riches. The 28-year-old knows how to bridge the gap between them and he does give yet another glimpse of why he is a role model for many.

Tribute to his father - Virat keeps mentioning abour his dad whenever he gets the opportunity to. A genuine person can never forget the contribution of his or her parents, no matter how far they are. It was Prem Kohli who got the 10-year-old Virat admitted to the West Delhi Cricket Academy and plant the seeds of a tree that produced a superstar.

Gym ethics - All you gym rats there, still scratching your heads over whether you are running the treadmill or the cross trainer right or whether you are doing you squats and your deadlifts perfectly, Virat's Instagram covers this part as well. From being chubby to getting chiseled, Virat considers his own transformation as a long journey and he is now also inspiring millions by sharing his mantra for fitness. In case you didn't know, Virat also has his own chain of gyms and fitness centres in Mumbai, named Chisel.

Train hard or dont train at all. Hard work has no shortcuts. ??. Love my lifting sessions. ??

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Love for India - Patriotism runs in the veins of every countrymen, but rarely do they show it apart from the red letter occasions. In India, normally Independence Day (August 15) and Republic Day (January 26) are the two occasions when people suddenly get patriotic and listen to rejuvenating songs based on Indian soldiers. Virat, on many occasions, has mentioned that the mindset needs to be changed and the nation needs to be saluted every single day. Just like an Indian soldier doesn't protect the country's borders only on those two days.

Jai hind. Mera bharat mahan. ??❤❤??. Happy independence day to everyone.

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Finally, Virat has a dog - Okay, so here is the "aww" factor that we have been talking of. Having a pet is definitely a style statement in today's world and Virat is not far away from the world we live in. Is there anything that doesn't make him perfect? Oh and ladies, get set to go ga-ga over these videos of Virat and his dog Bruno.

Bruno and me are done for the day. Time to crash. ???

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Hahaha this is proper domination. Love this little stud ❤??

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