The internet is full of viral videos, some may even say animals possess more virality than humans. The latest is that of two male snakes caught in a battle fighting for territory and a mate. Netizens in India were highly impressed with the capture.

Rat snakes fight
@susantananda3 on Twitter

An Indian Forest Services Officer shared this video this morning. Since then it has become one of the most talked-about videos online.

Video of battling snakes goes viral

Today morning IFS officer Susanta Nanda shared a glimpse of two snakes in combat mode. He captioned it on Twitter, "Rat snakes combat for dominance. Two males fighting to define their territory & defend their mate." 

The two snakes were seen battling in the water, intertwined. These were large snakes. For anybody standing right there, it could have been a scary proposition. So far such videos have been the territory of National Geographic and Discovery. However, Twitter has also become a place to find animal videos to keep your interest rife.

Take a look at the video here:

The two snakes seemed to be fighting over territory and for a mate. Science calls this behaviour of male snakes to intertwine as 'plaiting combat'. For the internet, they had their own theories.

Rat snakes fight tweet

One netizen said, "2 males caught in the act...So what...As per the latest judgement by the honourable court, it is no more a criminal act." Another netizen asked, "Actually they are dancing. It is a romantic act. Why it appears fighting..."  It's all about how one looks at it, we suppose. So far the short video on twitter has over 7.9K views.