In Bengaluru on July 16th, a strange incident took place at the TC Palya Junction. On the CCTV footage, an auto-driver was captured flying towards a woman, colliding with her into the ground. The CCTV footage since then went viral.

Woman hit by auto driver in Bengaluru

The auto driver was being dragged by a cable that he was trying to extricate from his vehicle when a motorcycle ran over it, which released it quickly. The video shows the wire menace that Bengaluru faces on a daily basis.

Woman suffers 52 stitches after the accident

A woman named Sunita K was on her way to her hotel Annapoorneshwari at the TC Palya Junction, Bengaluru when she had a bad collision as an autorickshaw driver came flying at her at top speed. Sunita K told Bangalore Mirror, "The next thing I see is an auto driver flying towards me like Anjaneya." 

42-year-old Sunita suffered a bad fall, she was bleeding when she was rushed to a hospital where she got 52 stitches. Her husband, Krishnamurthy a health officer was, fortunately, working nearby and was able to rush her to a hospital.

They only received access to the CCTV footage after the lockdown ended. The video of the CCTV footage has gone viral since on social media as evidence of the state of affairs in Bengaluru.

The dangling wire menace

In the viral video on Twitter, the unsuspecting autorickshaw driver was flung into the air when he was trying to extricate his vehicle which had been dragging the wire. As he attempted to unentangle the wire, a motorcycle had run over it quickly, causing the wire to rebound, the force of which sent the auto driver with it. 

Bengaluru's dangling overhead cables is not a new sighting, there are many such cables and wires that are sagging, entangled and covering the skyline as far as the eye can see. Authorities have done little to solve this issue. This has been a persisting problem for pedestrians. 

These optical fibre cables have been troubling citizens for a while. Former Deputy CM Dr G Parameshwara had shared earlier this month, how initiatives are working to rid the city of these troublesome cables.

G Parameshwara tweet

The BBMP last year in November cracked down on the illegal overhead cable-laying and held talks with OFC companies. But, citizens now want more action to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.