Vaastu Prakaara
Vaastu Prakaara

Ace Sandalwood filmmaker Yogaraj Bhat's much-awaited film "Vaastu Prakaara" (also spelled as Vaasthu or Vastu Prakara) has been released in theatres on 2 April and garnered mixed reviews, most of them negative.

"Vaastu Prakaara" is a satire on Indian astrology. The movie is all about the belief of Indians in astrology and superstition. Besides direction, Yogaraj Bhat has also penned the story, screenplay and dialogues for the film. The filmmaker has made an attempt to show how Vaasthu is being blindly followed, ignoring science.

Jointly produced by N Kumar and Yogaraj Bhat, "Vaastu Prakaara" is a romantic comedy entertainer, with all other commercial ingredients to woo the mass audience. Rakshit Shetty, Jaggesh, Aishani Shetty and Parul Yadav play the lead roles, while Ananth Nag, Sudharani, TN Seetharam, Sudha Belwadi and others appear in supporting cast.

The audience, who have watched the film, have said that Yogaraj Bhat has chosen a good story for "Vaastu Prakaara", but has failed to create an engrossing screenplay to support it. The film is lengthy and the narration is slow and boring, say viewers and critics. The lead actors' performance is the main highlight of the film.

"Vaastu Prakaara" has rich production values, V Harikrishna's music and Santosh Rai Pathaje's cinematography. The colourful costumes and exotic locales are among the big attractions of the film, say the audience.

Before its release, "Vaastu Prakaara" had aroused curiosity among film goers because it brings together Yogaraj Bhat, Rakshit Shetty and Jaggesh. But the trio fails to live up to the expectations of the audience.

We bring you the unique Twitter comments of the audience, who have watched the film. Here is the live update of "Vaastu Prakaara" movie review by viewers.

Ambika ‏@Ambi_guity

#vaastuprakara great concept, acting n jaggesh steals the show with his dialogues. Could've done much better camera work.

Mayura ಗೌಡ ‏@ShyamSPrasad

#VaastuPrakara slowed down after a good beginning. #VastuPrakara interval. It is tepid now. The narration went nowhere in last 30 minutes. #VaastuPrakara #SimplyMetHer song was the best part before interval. #VaastuPrakara Kashinath should have directed this film. #VaastuPrakara . maatu Vaastu keDistu. Jaggesh swalpa mane uLsidru. Average film

Shashiprasad S M @smshashiprasad

#VaastuPrakara #Menaka running time U certified 145 min. #VaastuPrakaara Intermission Depends on the second half, first half ashtenu Sari illa. #VaastuPrakaara I dont ever want to visit Vasthenia without Jayanth Kaikini and a bit of Navarasa dis is total disastrous prakaara ‏@cineloka 11m11 minutes ago

#VaastuPrakara - Interval. A bit lengthy first half is just okay. The best part was @Jaggesh02 and @TheParulYadav jugalbandi

Attaboy! @jaathre

#VaastuPrakaara. Runtime -145 mins. #VaastuPrakara Interval. Weak on content. Heavily depends on double meaning dialogues, more cinematic liberties, less logic. #VaastuPrakara. Once watch. 3* And Super cute heroine :)