Karthi-Lakshmi Menon starrer "Komban" has opened to mixed reviews. The movie was released on Wednesday, 1 April.

Butcher Kombaya Pandian's character is loved by all as he is a good man. He does not tolerate injustice to people and has high respect for women. He falls in love with Palani (Lakshmi Menon ) and her father Muthiah (Rajkiran) too approves it. However, the hero does not like his father-in-law and there is a parallel track where we are shown that the villains want to eliminate both Komban and Muthiah. This is the major part of the storyline.

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Audience and critics have felt that the storyline is not fresh and it is old wine in new bottle. Predictable and lack of twists in the story makes it an average movie. However, Karthi and Rajkiran are brilliant in their roles even though the hero's chemistry does not work with his leading lady Lakshmi Menon. Cinematographer, music director and editor have done justice to their works.

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Audience Reviews:
Below, we bring you the audience reviews on the movie:

Kannan Tweeted
#Komban - Superb casting! Karthi & Rajkiran performed very well, Lakshmi Menon & Kovai Sarala excelled too. All Villains did a very gud job!
#Komban - Director Muthaiah played to his strength & delivered rustic action flick again with masala elements & some nice stunts!
#Komban - Technically, the film looks slick with @VelrajR's clear shots, @gvprakash's apt songs & @Cinemainmygenes' neat editing.

ChristopherKanagaraj Tweeted
#Komban 2.75/5, A perfect rural family entertainer|1 of d best perfm from Karthi. Rajkiran proves yet, Superb camera, Music is minus! Winner
#Komban 2nd half is gud but climax is not satisfying!! karthi Rajkiran superb chemistry! A sure shot rural family entertainer!!!
#Komban Very Gud 1st half.. Karthi superb performance, he carries the movie.Neat camera work. Poor music and editing. First 30 mins is bore!

Rajasekar Tweeted
Watched #Komban - I can say that the film doesn't glorify and degrade any caste .... unnecessary protest by Krishnasamy and other outifits
#Komban -2.75/5,routine commercial entertainer catered for the masses. Might click in B&C centres.Loved the 1st half bt 2nd half is downer
#Komban - watch it for #Karthi as he brings the powerful #Paruthiveeran screen presence, loved his characterization and also for Rajkiran!

Heytamilcinema Wrote
Halfway through #Komban : Interesting first half, #Karthi looks rusty & director has added a good dose of humor. Second half Awaits!
#Komban : #RajKiran plays a key role delivers a top notch performance & he connects both segments of the film with an interesting story line
#Komban : No unwanted caste related dialogues or any communal violence scenes, it has been completely filmed on right notes. #Karthi
#Komban : Commercial family entertainer with perfect dosage of humor, It's a relationship bond between #Karthi & his father in law #RajKiran

Surendhar MK Posted
FTR, Komban has NO caste references. It's exposes all the pretentious snobs who are staging drama in the name of 'My sentiments are hurt'.
#Komban: A passable drama that thrives on Karthi-Rajkiran's good chemistry in 1st half & the one-upmanship of Super Subbarayan in 2nd half.
Half way thro #Komban. Cries of Paruthiveeran here & there. Earthy & rooted with a good dose of comedy. Rajkiran should be key in 2nd half.

Only Kollywood Wrote

Done watching #Komban. It has no caste references whatsoever, directly or indirectly. All these protests look like a farce.

Sai Tweeted
#Komban is a neat Entertainer. This movie is not against any cast or religion. Liked #karthi #Rajkiram kombo

Johnson PRO Wrote
#Komban movie ll be celebrated by each n everyone. Packaged with beautiful family, emotional and commercial elements

The Average Ratings Given by Audience (So Far): 3

Sujan MV Posted
#Komban Review - An Average & an Ordinary Movie as Old as Wine.!! #MyRating - 2.5 Outof 5.

Kaushik LM Tweeted
#Komban first half over. #Karthi's screen presence is grt. Film is driven by his hot-headedness and rage, and how it impacts his family life
#Komban 1st half - many fights showing the hero's righteous nature. Interval drama peaks. Have to see how Rajkiran Karthi roles unfold now
#Komban 1st half - Typical rural drama template. Father in law - son in law angle is the standout idea. Hope the 2nd half exploits it well
#Komban 2nd half goes well with sentiments & a nice jail segment. Climax was really loud, dramatic. Overall well-made and a rural sureshot

Ramesh Wrote
Watching #Komban.. 1st half over.. Interesting so far.. #Karthi is impressive as Komban.. Has excellent screen presence.. Action + Family..
I really liked #Komban - It's #Karthi's show all the way.. Supported well by #RajKiran and others.. Will post detailed review tomorrow..
#Komban [3.5/5] - A Solid Rural Action + Family Drama Entertainer.. Actor #Karthi rocks as Komban.. He carries da movie from start to end..
#Komban [3.5/5] - #Karthi excels both in action as well as in Family emotional scenes.. Actor #RajKiran anchors his support role well..

Sreedhar Pillai Posted
#Komban –2.75/5 1st thing first, there is not even a scene where there is any slur on any caste. All characters from same caste.Controversy?
#Komban 2.75/5. Another village based potboiler - larger than life hero, a righteous guy at same time flexing his muscles against injustice.
#Komban 2.75/5 #Karthi highlight of the film, and does a neat job. He is good in romance, humour & action. There is a Paruthiveeran hangover
#Komban 2.75/5. Raj Kiran role not well etched &predictable. Lakshmi is ok. + Velraj camera, @gvprakash earthy music & @Cinemainmygenes cuts
#Komban 2.75/5. Downside - Nothing new in story & presentation and a contrived climax.

JANA Wrote
#Komban - #Karthi did a good job with both action and romance . #LakshmiMenon - good ... #Paruthiveeran style

Its People Choice Tweeted
#Komban : Top notching fight sequences & #Karthi delivered superb performance as #Komban
#Komban : #RajKiran did a wonderful job. Dir #Muthiah yet again came wit rural based script and he got pass mark.
#Komban : #Velraj cinematography & #SuperSubrayan fight sequences big+.#ThambiRamaiah #KovaiSarala did well
#Komban : Rare script in Tamil cinema which touched -Mammanar-Mapillai- relationship. Neat family entertainment
#Komban : -ves: Bgm, relationship not in more depth. Watch it in theatres don't miss this type of rural script

MASSS Bleedz Posted
#Komban : Stunt sequences has been very well executed, #Karthi delivers a power packed performance on screen with his gusty physique!

Ck Mohammed ‏Wrote
A scene in #Komban where they show #Vijay's title card & his intro from #Jilla & also @superstarrajini's #Baasha transformation scene!

Sridevi Ssreedhar Posted
#Komban- Another rural mass entertainer with necessary ingredients to satisfy the masses

Cinechilly Wrote
#Komban movie is one time watchable.