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Udhayanidhi Stalin and Nayantara starrer "Nanbenda" aka "Nannbenda", which is a comedy movie directed by Jagadish, has opened to mixed reviews.

It is the third movie by producer Udhayanidhi Stalin as a hero after "Oru Kal Oru Kannadi" and "Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal". While the first movie was a hit, his second movie failed to keep the cash registers ringing.

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It is a light-hearted comedy entertainer where Udhayanidhi Stalin and Santhanam share equal space. The movie has Karunakaran, Sherin, Pooja Ramachandran, Vinodhini, Manobala, Rajendran and others in the cast.

"Nanbenda" is directed by Jagadish and produced by Udhayanidhi Stalin. It has Harris Jayaraj's music, Balasubramaniem's cinematography and Vivek Harshan's editing.

Sathya played by Udhayanidhi falls in love with Ramya (Nayantara). After rejecting his proposals, she finally accepts his love. But when she tells a flashback, their love is broken. How he tries to win over her with the support of his dear childhood friend Kozhunthu is the remaining part of the story.

The story of "Nanbenda" has a wafer-thin storyline and the inconsitent characterisation is not gone well with a section of audience. Nonetheless, many felt like it is just a time-pass film. Below, we bring you the live Twitter updates from the audience:

Latha Srinivasan Posted
#Nanbenda - lighthearted romantic comedy. @Udhaystalin has done quite well - dance and dialogues. Good summer flick
@Udhaystalin congrats on your performance in #Nanbenda acting, dance and dialogue delivery is rocking like I said

Rajasekar Tweeted
#Nanbenda - 2.25/5 , @Udhaystalin has improved a lot as an actor he is super confident too. Wish he select good scripts in upcoming films!
#Nanbenda - 2.25/5, predictable rom-com which tries too hard to be funny. Watch it for #Nayan & @Jharrisjayaraj 's songs !
Creative scarcity reached all time low "heroine's flashback: murders a dog - convicted for 10 days prison-hero LOLs- break-up" Yay!

Sreedhar Pillai Wrote
Nanbenda-2.5/5 Light hearted romcom that falters due to lack of proper script & packaging. @Udhaystalin & #Nayanthara r only silver lining
#Nanbenda 2.5/5. @Jharrisjayaraj music is peppy & hummable but placement is wrong.More care should have been taken on the script.

Vignesh Kandaswamy Tweeted
Halway thru #Nanbenda.Entertaining so far with comedy playing the major factor.A small twist towards the interval makes things interesting.
#Nanbenda - @Udhaystalin has improved a lot be it acting dance or comedy.Still needs to improve but way ahead from where he started.
#Nanbenda - Nayanthara proves why she is the Lady Superstar.Looks very ravishing and has acted well.
#Nanbenda - Santhanam has been good so far with regular laughters here and there.As usual the backbone of this @Udhaystalin movie too.
#Nanbenda - Negatives are also there but so far a good timepass entertainer.Lets see how the second half fares.
Second half slowly and steadily becoming a mental torture with mindless scenes and comedies #Nanbenda
#Nanbenda - Second half getting worser and worser.
#Nanbenda - Overall the movie can still be termed as one time watchable if you dont care mindless sequences that comes in 2nd half.
#Nanbenda - Except for the badly placed "Nee Sunno" song every other song looked good on-screen.Harris has been a big plus to this movie.
#Nanbenda - Tamannah's cameo was enjoyable in the first half where she appears as Tamannah herself.

Its People Choice Tweeted
#Nanbenda (2.75/5) : #Nayanthara as usual cute & #Santhanam comedy not worked like Okok but ok. It's Just a time pass movie.
#Nanbenda (2.75/5): This time @Udhaystalin & @iamsanthanam combo came up wit rom-com script & received pass mark. #Harris songs big+
#Nanbenda (2.75/5): As a hero @Udhaystalin improving his skills like dancing & acting is really appreciable one. All the best keep rocking

Shankar Ganesh Posted
Interesting begin...Santhanam is impressive..#Nannbenda

Raj Kumar Tweeted
My 2nd fav combination #udhay #santhanam #Nanbenda — watching Nanbenda at Lathangi Theatre

@Udhaystalin just Saw #Nanbenda movie sir nice entertainment movie waiting for another combo with Santhanam sir

Shan Tweeted
#NAMBENDA 1st half gud. 9thara luk lik chica. . .she is always gorgeous angl! LADY SUPER STAR #nayanthara lov u nd superb @udhaystalin sir

Surendhar MK ‏Posted
Barring very few minutes of comical moments, nothing works in #Nannbenda. How long can we drool on Nayanthara's curves? Disappointing.

Average Ratings Audience/Critics Giving are: 2.5:

Sivakumar Wrote
watching #nannbenda @Tamilnadu cinemas in Tirupur ...

One Kollywood Posted
#Nanbenda is a disaster. Not even close to OkOk. No story, no logic, jus 2-3 proper humor scenes. Uday n Nayanthara were gud. #Santhanam ok.

Siby Wrote
#Nanbenda - Just 40 minutes have passed and it is unbearable. Red Giant can gift 100000Rs as gift to those who laugh for the crap jokes.

Faridhah Posted
#Nanbenda good in only bits n pieces.. Okayish.. @Udhaystalin to dance.. good try bt felt like he is draggin disabled foot around 2.5/5

#Nanbenda Interval!!! going good so far! #uday& #santa rocks!!! #Nayan okayish!!!

Thejesh Babu Posted
A pakka family entertainer by team #Nanbenda nic to watch.Thanks to @Udhaystalin anna for this comedy entertainer.

Rajesh Balakrishnan Wrote
Super summer started with #Nanbenda. @Udhaystalin @iamsanthanam rocks. Over all very good family entertainment movie.