Trust Urfi Javed to never disappoint you with her style game. The diva, who is known for her eccentric and quirky fashion statements, is at it once again. Urfi took to social media to share a video of her new style – which is wearing a shirt without wearing one. Confused? So were we, until we watched the video. Take a look.

Urfi Javed
Urfi JavedInstagram

Urfi goes hot and bold

So, Urfi wore this satin shirt and it appeared like she was wearing the shirt. Until we saw her bare back. The diva had just placed the shirt on the front flaunting her bare back and curves.

"So you don't need to wear a shirt to WEAR shirt! Shot by @sk_click_a_world," she captioned the post. And soon, her post was filled with comments and likes.

"Next time i will try the shirt this way..," wrote one user. "wow," commented another. "You have raised the temperature, " wrote a netizen. "Maine socha aage bhi kuch nahi hai (I thought there is nothing on front too)", opined a netizen.

Urfi on her unique fashion sense

Urfi's bizarre fashion sense always grabs the spotlight. While talking about why she chooses to dress a certain way, the former Bigg Boss contestant said, "Everyone likes to dress up, put on make-up and look their best. Whatever I do, I do for myself because all of us want to look and feel good. And if people get provoked by a dress, then there is a problem there... they need help!"