Agree with her or not, Urfi Javed is a social media sensation! With her eccentric outfits and unabashed statements, the young lady has won quite some fan following. While some of the leading paparazzi claim that she is the one who helps them make the most amount of money, actors like Ranveer Singh have also praised her and called her a "fashion icon."

Love her or hate her, you just can’t ignore Urfi Javed

Urfi's trolls a troll

A video of Urfi's Q&A session has taken over the internet. In the video, Urfi responds to a troll who asks her why is she defaming Islam. The troll also questions where she has no shame. "Kyun tune Islam ko badnaam kiya hua hai? Kyun allah ka khauf nahi hai tere dil mein? Tujhe sharam nahi aati?" was the questioned asked by one social media user.

Responding to it, Javed said, "Sharam, what's that? People say na sharam bech khayi hai! Where do you sell that? I want to get some money, I want to sell that."

Urfi Javed's raciest outfits
Urfi Javed's raciest outfitsInstagram

On going too naked...

In the same segment, when she was trolled for going too naked, the Bigg Boss contestant shot back with a fiery response. She said, "Main 2 naked rahoon, 3 naked rahoon tere baap ki chaddi pehen rahi hoon? Apni chaddi, apna kacchha, apna sab kuch hai. Tumhara kya ja raha hai? Oonche se oonche banda, potty pe baithe nanga. (I might be too naked or three naked but am I wearing your dad's underwear? It is my own underwear and everything. The richest too sit on the commode naked)."

After jewellery designer Farah Khan, Urfi locked horns with actress Chahatt Khanna recently. The actress had taken a dig at Urfi's sartorial choices and questioned her modesty. Reacting to it, Urfi had said that she was atleast making her own money and not living on the "alimony" from her previous husbands.