Urfi Javed is not the one to take haters lying down. The diva takes on the trolls as fiercely as viciously as possible. An old video of Urfi Javed has again been making waves on social media. In the video, Urfi is seen taking questions from her fans and reacting to the troll attack. Let's take a look.

Urfi Javed's raciest outfits
Urfi Javed's raciest outfitsInstagram

Urfi's strong retort

In the video, Urfi is seen giving a piece of advice to one user who commented something on "making sex". Urfi laughed and said, "Do you think it is mango pickle that you are asking me to make sex? Go and read the reproduction part from school man." In another video, Javed hilariously reacted to a man commenting on her going nude.

"Main 2 naked rahoon, 3 naked rahoon tere baap ki chaddi pehen rahi hoon? Apni chaddi, apna kacchha, apna sab kuch hai. Tumhara kya ja raha hai? Oonche se oonche banda, potty pe baithe nanga. (I might be too naked or three naked but am I wearing your dad's underwear? It is my own underwear and everything. The richest too sit on the commode naked)," she was seen saying the video.

The former Bigg Boss contestant has had polarizing views from other celebs. While on one hand, Ranveer Singh called her a "fashion icon" on Koffee with Karan. There are many who often slam the actress for her eccentric sartorial choices.

Urfi Javed
Urfi JavedInstagram

Urfi vs Chahatt Khanna

A few weeks back, actress Chahatt Khanna had shared a picture of Urfi and questioned her dressing sense. "Who wears this? And on what streets? I mean anyone would remove their clothes and media makes them a celebrity? Is Indian media so vulnerable? It's easy to buy this cheap publicity and media. This cheap show you all are promoting to our generation, anyone would pay for spotting and do anything or even go nude and you'll carry? This is obnoxiously sad. God bless you with some wisdom."

Reacting strongly to it, Urfi had said, "At least I earn my own money not living off my two ex husbands' alimony. Chahatt Khanna I ain't coming to you judging you love your life. IDK what these aunties have against me."

However, Urfi had later apologised and said that she lost her calm. She added that she shouldn't have brought Chahatt's divorces in the argument and called it regretful.