Video grab of underground work in progress at a Walmart store. (Youtube)Youtube

Residents in the United States have been reporting some strange underground booms for the past few months, and now, UFO researcher Tyler Glockner has come up with an explanation for the strange phenomenon.

The researcher in a video shared on his YouTube channel 'Secureteam10' said the booms could be due to the secret underground tunneling project under progress.

Tyler Glockner said something really sinister may be happening underground and it could be the handiwork of the elites with the help of government agencies who might be preparing for a nuclear apocalypse. The conspiracy theorist also suggested that these underground tunnels are being made to connect supermarket stores like Walmart so people can survive the doomsday with access to food.

"These massive booms might be linked to an underground tunneling system and your local Walmart store. The theory is that these massive tunnels built underground are all connected to a store. Just think, if something ever did happen, you will have these massive tunnels below the surface which link to these stores that could easily be converted to camps," said Tyler Glockner in the video.

As the video went viral on the Internet, several theories have surfaced to explain the weird booms.

"It is not a wild theory. My local Super-Walmart had construction going on for 2 years on the northwest side of its store. When they were done, nothing changed on the outside or inside of the store. Not even the parking lot changed. There were large storage containers randomly around the construction site that seemed to serve no purpose, other than to hide their work," commented one 'Earl's Daughter' on Youtube. 

Some conspiracy theorists believe that these tunnels may have a connection to the secret underground base at the Denver airport so the elites can easily save their lives during the times of an apocalypse. They even claim that there is a secret railway line too, running between the White House and the Denver Airport.