Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya
Uma Maheswara Ugra RoopasyaTwitter

Satyadev and the team of Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya (UMUR), which started streaming on Netflix from July 30, have come under attack for glorifying Junior NTR and mocking Mahesh Babu in the movie.

Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya is a remake of the 2016's Malayalam film Maheshinte Prathikaaram. Director Venkatesh Maha has adapted it to Telugu with some changes in the original version to suit the taste of the local audience. He has created a scene to showcase the contrast between Junior NTR and Mahesh Babu in the movie.

In this controversial scene, a character is seen saying superstar Mahesh Babu kills the villains without even moving his feet. He is very lazy. But Junior NTR hunts the villains down and beats them up to death. This comparison between the two leading Telugu actors has not gone down well with Mahesh Babu fans, who are deeply hurt by the insulting dialogue.

Some of those upset fans took to Twitter to condemn Satyadev, director Venkatesh Maha and the team of Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya. They said that Mahesh Babu is the first Telugu actor to take the name of Tollywood to the international level. He has even encouraged new talents. They also reminded the director of his positive review of Care of Kancharapalem on his Twitter account.

Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya
Uma Maheswara Ugra RoopasyaTwitter

The fans said that it is not right to insult and mock Mahesh Babu and glorify his contemporary Junior NTR. They demanded an apology from the team of Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya for Mahesh Babu with the hashtag #UMURteamShouldApologizeMaheshBabu, which is trending on Twitter since the release of the movie.

Here are some upset Mahesh Babu fans' tweets condemning the UMUR team:

Superstar @FanOfMASSMB

Yes it's cinema and everyone has their liberty but using the terms like lazy on one of the biggest stars in India is just not acceptable. Everyone knows the hardwork that takes to make a film, so don't banish others hardwork to write a convo. You've literally disregarded someone's hardwork just for a convo. You know how the fans are down here and you've still gone for usage of that term. This is pure form of ignorant writing @mahaisnotanoun @paruchurimd @ActorSatyaDev Not acceptable! #UmaMaheshwaraUgraRoopasya #UMUR

Lohith Kumar @LohithK17184937

We DHFMs should show the hell to UMUR movie director and @ActorSuhas make them apologize to #MaheshBabu We shouldn't spare them so that no one will make fun of MaheshBabu in movies #SarkaruVaariPaata #UMURteamShouldApologizeMaheshBabu @BaddakaRatna @Urstrulyhari52 @santoshsuprim

UrsTrulyBharath @BharathTruly

#UMURteamShouldApologizeMaheshBabu #to be honest Telugu cinema ni international wide ga popular chesina hero Mahesh Babu sir....#Mila lazy dailogues tho Telugu cinema ki em radhu #Mahesh Babu sir movies kadhu kanisam ads lo vache stunts tho Kuda miru lazy ani Peru pettaleru

#VakeelSaab @Karunakarpspk45

#UMURteamShouldApologizeMaheshBabu Mahesh babu encouraged so many small films,they can use mb name has good reference but not this way,entire UMUR team should apologise mb.. #UMURteamShouldApologizeMaheshBabu

PATHU @pathuprince

Using 'Mee Vaadu Class, Maa Vaadu Mass' to compare two heroes is still fine but calling a star hero 'Lazy' in a mainstream Telugu film, even if it is for healthy fun, is completely uncalled for and could've been avoided. #UMURteamShouldApologizeMaheshBabu