Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya
Uma Maheswara Ugra RoopasyaTwitter

Director Venkatesh Maha's Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya (UMUR) starring Satyadev, Naresh, Suhas, Raghavan, Hari Chandana and Roopa has received positive review and ratings from the critics and audience.

Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya is a comedy-drama and the film is an official remake of the 2016 Malayalam film Maheshinte Prathikaaram. Vijaya Praveena Paruchuri, Shobu Yarlagadda and Prasad Devineni have bankrolled it under the banners Arka Media Works and Mahayana Motion Pictures. It started streaming on Netflix from 30 July 2020.

Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya story: Uma Maheswara Ugra is a photographer. He is beaten up by a stranger when he tries to solve an issue in his village. He sets out to take revenge on the stranger as he feels insulted after the incident. How he avenges it forms the crux of the movie.

Analysis: Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya is a faithful remake of Malayalam film Venkatesh Maha has succeeded with his terrific casting and realistic outlook. The first half of the film is good, but the narration in the second half is slow. The climax could have been even better, say the critics and audience

Satyadev and Suhas have delivered brilliant performances, which are the highlights of Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya. Naresh, Raghavan, Hari Chandana and Roopa have done justice to their roles. The movie has decent production values and picturisation, music, action and dialogues are the attractions on the technical front, add the critics and audience

Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya review: We bring you some critics and audience responses to the film shared on Twitter. Scroll down to see their reactions:

Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya
Uma Maheswara Ugra RoopasyaTwitter

Jeevi @idlebrainjeevi

Watched #UmaMaheshwaraUgraRoopasya on @Netflix. It's a faithful remake of Malayalam film incl screenplay. Dir Venkatesh Maha has succeeded in terrific casting and realistic outlook. Its hard to imagine somebody else doing Fahaad Faasil act and @ActorSatyaDev nailed it! Good music

Sangeetha devi @Sangeetha_Devi

#UmaMaheshwaraUgraRoopasya #UMUR is charming & heartwarming. Beneath the humorous veneer, I liked how it discusses relationship dynamics. The visuals, music & life in Araku made me think of petrichor. Also, nice cameos by @mahaisnotanoun & @paruchurimd

Thyview @Thyview

#UmaMaheshwaraUgraRoopasya is too good. @ActorSatyaDev is Brilliant as Mahesh.A much needed & Well deserved breakthrough. #RoopaKoduvayur shines as Jyothi. Very expressive face & her dance moves are Fire Casting is perfect to the T @mahaisnotanoun Pleasant Watch. Go for it

Vamsi Kaka @vamsikaka

#UmaMaheshwaraUgraRoopasya is a Fabulous Film with Beautiful Characters & Songs. Satya Dev is a STAR and he is here to stay as an Actor for a very long time. Another good film by Venkatesh Maha. @ActorSatyaDev @mahaisnotanoun @paruchurimd @Shobu_ @arkamediaworks #Mahayana

Vishnu Thej @thisisputta

#UmaMaheshwaraUgraRoopasya Amazing film and well performed by @ActorSatyaDev Anna..He got into the skin of the character and his eyes speak a lot in the film @ItsActorNaresh  sir at his usual bestKudos to director @mahaisnotanoun Congrats to @paruchurimd and @Shobu_ Garu

ChaiBisket @ChaiBisket

#UMUR - All the 24 crafts in perfect sync to give us a very beautiful film! Performances, Visuals, Music, Casting, Sound, Art, Edit, Writing, Direction, Production (entire movie shot in a single schedule) super duper setttt.. Red heart

Rahul Mahendrakar @TheMahendrakar

@ActorSatyaDev #UMUR such a CLASS ACT! Your eyes spoke so much. One of the finest performances in past few years. @mahaisnotanoun was so eagerly waiting for this one and you did not disappoint a bit. Kudos and more power to you and @paruchurimd for giving us gems like these

AVAD @avadsays

#Irfankhan #Nawazuddinsiddique #FahadhFaasil and @ActorSatyaDev is right up there. One of the finest actors in our generation. His expressions, little nuances, body language, the actor has it all. He was so heartwarming in #umamaheswaraUgraRoopasya Congrats ..

Manikanta @DizizMani

Watched #umamaheswaraUgraRoopasya on @NetflixIndia its a simple clean and neat movie! @ActorSatyaDev bro you nailed the performance and the characterisation was simply brilliant! Saw a clean movie with no romance only comedy, feeling very happy! #suhaas comic timing was good!

YashvanthReddy @YashvanthRedd13

#UmaMaheshwaraUgraRoopasya న భూతో న భవిష్యతి. Brilliant performance by @ActorSatyaDev You are the only one who can replace fahadh fassil. @mahaisnotanoun you made a beautiful painting which would be remembered as long as the Telugu cinema exist. #UMUR #umur


Loved watching #UmaMaheshwaraUgraRoopasya . A visual poetry. Nice music and beautiful scenery. Settle performance from @ActorSatyaDev, Suhas and Roopa - the actress stole the later half. One more visual feast shared by @mahaisnotanoun @paruchurimd and @arkamediaworks

Sravan Bharadwaja @sravan_shivoham

@ActorSatyaDev such a heartwarming performance! Wonderful casting and cinematography. Beautifully directed by @mahaisnotanoun. #UmaMaheshwaraUgraRoopasya is another feather in the hat of contemporary telugu cinema. Pedda Vamsi movies la telugudhanam blended with a slice of life.

TheJeansPantఋషి @AdityasaiAlladi

#UmaMaheshwaraUgraRoopasya Finest form of film making at its best..Phenomenal job from each and everyone in the team be it actors and the technical departments. No doubt that @ActorSatyaDev is the next big thing @mahaisnotanoun hits a SIX on OTT @paruchurimd proves again as well

Srivathsan Nadadhur @vathsanatheart

#UmaMaheshwaraUgraRoopasya is a viewing experience where you can smell the soil from which the story is being told and it's a definite reason why the film holds on its merit regardless of the comparisons with the original. The film is full of heart, narrated with flair. #UmaMaheshwaraUgraRoopasya, a superb remake of #MaheshintePrathikaram that retains the soul of the original and also adapts it to the Telugu setting so seamlessly. Bravo @mahaisnotanoun and team. Steaming on @NetflixIndia

Hemanth Kumar C R @crhemanth

Here's my review of @mahaisnotanoun's #UmaMaheshwaraUgraRoopasya, starring @ActorSatyaDev. It's the kind of film which would make one wonder - "Where's the conflict?" But  it's so endearing and real that it made me smile. @netflix @Shobu_ @paruchurimd

Vamsi Shekar @UrsVamsiShekar

#UmaMaheswaraUgraRoopasya deserves all the appreciation. @ActorSatyaDev Once again proved his phenomenal skill in acting, A perfect remake with ultimate cast and crew, Cinematography and music are top notch. @mahaisnotanoun @Shobu_ @paruchurimd @arkamediaworks @ItsActorNaresh

Meka Rohit Chowdary @rohit_meka

#UmaMaheshwaraUgraRoopasya  is a film delted with heart touching emotions with a nativity..☺ The cast and the crew especially the two main pillars of the film @mahaisnotanounand @ActorSatyaDev are simply ..!!

Sai inala! @InalaSairam

#UmaMaheshwaraUgraRoopasya A beautiful journey of colossal emotions. @mahaisnotanoun sir , you picturise lifes and create gems and we call them movies.@ActorSatyaDev acting is pure and brilliant. Loved every bit of @ActorSuhas and @ItsActorNaresh .#UMURreview

Fukkard @Fukkard

#UmaMaheshwaraUgraRoopasya Poetically well Handled with Natural Characters. #Satyadev Shines in his role. Hope he'll get deserved break through this film. DOP @mahaisnotanoun ScreenPlay Ok in first Half. A bit Slow Second half. Climax would be better. One time watchable.

Dheeraj Malineni @dheerajmalineni

Watching #UmaMaheshwaraUgraRoopasya on @NetflixIndia Story is good narration runs at slow snail pace which makes it boring at times Lead actors and support staff did decent job Not on level as c/o kancherpalem by sare director #Maha @arkamediaworks backed 2.5/5 rating

Prudhvi @prucrastinator

Thank you Maha for #UmaMaheshwaraUgraRoopasya. Loved the Araku setting and Vizag yaasa. That scene where Satya Dev's father remarks 'Copy cat' and Satya Dev replies 'Inspiration' goes well for the film too. Satya Dev, Suhas and Roopa were all so good in their roles.

Suresh Kondi @V6_Suresh

#UmaMaheshwaraUgraRoopasya: A decent, simple and clean entertainer @ActorSatyaDev is a gifted actor & he breathes life into the role of Mahesh.Thoroughly enjoyed @ItsActorNaresh & @ActorSuhas performances. @mahaisnotanoun done it yet again Congrats @Shobu_ @paruchurimd team