Diwali celebrations have already begun with homes and markets all decked up with decorative lights in the anticipation of the "festival of lights." The long weekend is sure to inspire some shopping extravaganza. With deals and offers everywhere you go, be it online or in offline retail stores, it's hard to resist the temptation to pick a few things.

If a television upgrade has been long overdue, Diwali is the right time to fulfil that wishlist. There are a lot of new TVs launched in India to suit everyone's budget and requirements. You can either go premium or stick to a budget while buying a new Smart TV in India this festive season.

We've handpicked some interesting TV models you're going to love.

Going premium

OnePlus TV 55 Q1

OnePlus launched two new smart TVs in India recently, both praised for their quality of the screen. While the "Pro" variant stood out with its additional soundbar that slides out from the back of the panel when in use, the OnePlus TV 55 Q1 comes with it. But the QLED display used in the OnePlus TV 55 Q1 is the same as the Pro model, which makes a lot of difference considering the former is a lot cheaper.

This Diwali, you can indulge your family in mesmerising audio and video with the all-new OnePlus TV 55 Q1, which is available for Rs 69,899. There's also a Rs 2,000 instant bank discount and 24-month no-cost EMI during Amazon Great Indian Festival sale along with several other offers.

OnePlus TV review
OnePlus TVIBTimes India/Sami Khan

For the price, the QLED 4K smart TV from OnePlus sounds like a great deal. In addition, it looks beautiful than your traditional TVs, as the renowned smartphone maker has paid great attention to detail. Moreover, this is the best deal you can get on a 4K QLED smart TV right now.

Samsung Super 6

But if you'd like to go with a more familiar brand in the TV industry, Samsung has you covered. The company's The Frame 55-inch 4K smart TV is a solid product you cannot buy as the recent price drop has resulted in the product going out of stock everywhere online. But if the QLED display is not a mandatory requirement, you can consider the 55-inch Super 6 4K smart TV for Rs 52,990.  

The Samsung Super 6 55-inch TV is packed with some great features but comes with an LED display.

Tight on budget?

Mi TV 4X Pro

Xiaomi is ruling the budget TV segment with its wide range of smart TVs in India. The company sold more than 5 lakh Mi TVs during the festive season sale on Amazon and Flipkart. Xiaomi's recently launched Mi TV 4K Pro is an attractive product, mostly for its affordable price tag of Rs 39,999. The TV offers 4K resolution, 60Hz refresh rate, 20W speakers and all the other smart features you can expect from any TV.

Kodak 55" 4K Smart TV

But if Mi seems out of the budget too, Kodak has you covered with its 55-inch 4K Smart TV, which is selling on Amazon for Rs 29,999. The Kodak LED TV offers great value for money, has an intuitive menu, good sound and simplistic design to justify that price tag. This is probably the best sub-Rs 30,000 smart TV you can buy in India.

Kodak 55-inch 4K Smart TV Review
Kodak 55-inch 4K Smart TVIBTimes, India/Sami Khan

Things to keep in mind

There are several things you need to keep in mind while buying a smart TV. It's not just about the screen size and resolution, but a lot of things should matter for your best experience. Keep this list handy while you're shopping for your smart TV:


This is the most important thing you should ask your seller. The difference in the display panel not only changes the quality of the picture but affects the budget in a big way.


Most TVs come with 20W audio output, but many others focus on better sound with up to 50W output additionally supported by Dolby Atmos. Always ask your seller what's the exact audio setup like on the TV you're planning to buy.

Is it Netflix recommended TV?

This is a badge of honour for most brands. If it is a Netflix recommended TV, it not only means the app runs the popular streaming app but also suggests better viewing experience than a TV that does not bear this tag. That holds true in most cases if not all.

Distance from the TV depending on screen size

For a 55-inch TV, you need to be at least 9 feet away to get the best viewing experience. As the screen size reduces, the distance reduces too. So plan accordingly, and don't just pick a 55-inch TV for a tiny room.


More the merrier. In addition to the standard ports, check for connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, audio jack, USB ports and more.

Refresh rate

Not many people ask this or even understand the importance of it, but make sure you ask your seller what is the refresh rate on the TV you are planning to buy. The standard is 60Hz, but higher refresh rate will only make videos appear smoother.

Supported or built-in apps

Make a virtual list of apps that you want to run on your smart TV and make sure the TV you are buying supports all of them. What's the point of a smart TV if it cannot support your favourite apps? Also, check for some built-in apps and how much of the storage space is taken up because of them.

Shop smart!