Shah Rukh Khan, Bhumi Pednekar, Akshay Kumar

Barely a few days after a VIP security staff at the Mumbai airport revealed some shocking details and behaviour patterns of Bollywood celebs on Reddit, another backstage manager of reality shows has revealed some disturbing details.

Revealing a surprising detail about Sonchiriya star Bhumi Pednekar, the user revealed anonymously that not only does Bhumi reach the sets late but once she reaches, she expects everyone's complete attention only on her. What's worse? The diva doesn't mind making fun of staff and other spotboys on the sets. Once Pednekar made a spotboy say water over and over again as he couldn't pronounce it right. Not just that, she also laughed heartily every time he said water. Bhumi also made her co-star listen to the water version and the Reddit user says that the moment was indeed cringe-worthy.

Talking about Akshay Kumar, the user had some startling revelations. The Reddit user said that Akshay Kumar melts down in front of girls and goes on to compliment something totally weird about them. The user claims that his statements can be considered cheeky sometimes but few women might have found it inappropriate. The thread also reveals that sometimes his interaction with these women get very awkward, however, more often than not, he is cordial and respectful towards everyone.

Talking about Karan Johar, the anonymous user claimed that KJo stays far away from the spotboys and production team. He neither talks to them nor looks into their direction.

The user has ranked Shraddha Kapoor and Shah Rukh Khan as the two best-behaved stars. While Ms Kapoor is always courteous and cheerful, Shah Rukh Khan has immense patience and love for his fans. Both Shraddha and Shah Rukh never disappoint their fans or throw any sort of tantrums.