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The UGC, the agency that funds higher education, started the process of making the NAAC accredition compulsory for colleges in 2012. the Delhi University accepted the accredition in 2014 following which 35 colleges were given scores this year for the first

The University Grants Commission (UGC) secretary Professor Rajnish Jain has issued a warning to 21 colleges under Delhi University saying that their financial grants will be withheld if they do not appoint full-time principals.

Officials said that the funds are key to the day-to-day functioning of the colleges. They are used for holding seminars, college festivals and conferences. Permanent principals are responsible for long-term administrative decisions like the development of vision documents.

"As per the latest available update, it has been noticed that many colleges have not complied with the directives of /UGC to appoint regular principals. In most of the colleges, interviews have not been held at the respective governing bodies. This shows lack of commitment on the part of college authorities for strengthening the administrative and academic atmosphere in their colleges," a notice sent to the colleges from DU on August 13 read.

In the notice, the statutory board, which is responsible for the maintenance of higher education in India, underlined the fact that the appointment of the principals was to be completed by July 15.

The UGC had also instructed the colleges to expedite the process of selection of full-time principals in the colleges by August 31.

"It is once again requested to expedite the process of selection of a full-time regular principal in your college. Further, you are hereby requested to inform the date of interview for the post of the principal latest by Aug 31, failing which the UGC will be constrained to withhold the release of further grants," the notice read.

"After the issuance of the notice, only one college has appointed a regular principal while some others are in the process of doing the same. If they do not do so in the given time frame, then their grants and benefits will be stopped. A full-time principal ensures having a good administration and maintaining an academic environment. UGC as an apex body is regularly focusing on the quality of higher education," UGC secretary Rajnish Jain told ANI.

(With inputs from ANI)