A mysterious video uploaded by a Reddit user is now the hottest debating point among conspiracy theorists and alien enthusiasts. The UFO sighting apparently happened in the skies of the Atlantic City, where the eyewitness saw five flying objects hovering in the night. 

UFO sighting in Atlantic City

In the video, an electric storm can be also seen in the skies. The eyewitness also suggested that there could be more flying vessels behind the cloud. 

Alleged UFOs spotted in the skies of Atlantic CityReddit

"The 4 are passing through the cloud and the 5th passes near the surface of the water. There are also some static ones behind the cloud. Could the ones flying by be birds? Isn't the speed too high? The one flying lower down appears at the same time as the others and at the same speed which I find interesting. Can anyone who has studied this subject say if there is any relation between UFOs and thunderstorms? Does electricity have something to do with the functioning of these things?" wrote Reddit user @rozetta11

The connection between UFO sightings and thunderstorms

This is not the first time that UFOs are being spotted near thunderstorms and electric storms. There are several incidents in the past where UFOs appeared during lightning and thunderstorms. 

As UFOs often appear near thunderstorms and lightning, conspiracy theorists strongly believe that advanced alien beings are making use of these natural resources for reaping energy. However, skeptics strongly argue that the alleged UFOs that appeared in the skies of the Atlantic City could be birds.