For the Pentagon, the most compelling UFO sighting in history is the tic-tac UFO event where a wingless flying vessel baffled US Navy officials. Navy officials who witnessed this event claimed that the flying vessel was screeching across the skies at a mindblowing speed, and at times, it performed unbelievable maneuvers. Later, the Pentagon admitted that the tic-tac UFO video is authentic, and in their report, the defense department neither acknowledged nor denied the involvement of aliens behind the event. 

Tic-tac UFO in US again

And now, a video has been submitted to Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), and it shows a flying object very similar to the tic-tac UFO in the skies of San Antonio, Texas. 

tic-tac UFO
Alleged tic-tac UFO spotted in TexasUFO Sightings Daily/MUFON

The video was later analyzed by popular alien hunter Scott C Waring who is currently operating from Taiwan. After checking the video, Waring suggested that the infamous tic-tac UFO has once again appeared in the skies of the United States. He also claimed that an advanced alien civilization could be behind these UFO sightings. 

"This report of a possible tictac UFO just came in. The craft is wingless, white and highly reflective. I cannot hear any jet engines and this craft does move very smoothly across the sky. The shape, size, color all point to this being an alien craft," wrote Waring on his website UFO Sightings Daily

The discovery of a 40-meter flying disc in Antarctica

A few days back, Waring had claimed to have discovered a 40-meter disc in Antarctica. After making this discovery using Google Earth, Waring claimed that this disc is authentic proof of alien activities in the icy continent. 

"No one will ever wander past it or hike near it or even sail near it. It is just the perfect location for a UFO to hide. I really wonder, which government is going to get their hands on this baby first? 100% proof that aliens exist and are on Earth right now. So...the treasure hunt begins. Winner gets all," said Waring.