It was in late 2019 that the Pentagon admitted carrying out a secretive UFO search program named Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). In 2021, Pentagon admitted that the UFO videos, now known as tic-tac UFO clips, released by To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences are authentic. Meanwhile, Luis Elizondo, a former Pentagon official who worked with the AATIP claimed that the tic-tac UFO which baffled US Navy officials were not made by human technology, and he hinted at the possibility of alien involvement in it. 

The failure of the US intelligence department 

And now, at the GQ Heroes event, Luis Elizondo was asked whether these UFOs were made by nations like Russia or China. As a reply, Elizondo stated that if these flying vessels were developed by Russia or China, then it could have been the worst failure of the United States intelligence department. 

Elizondo UFO
Luis Elizondo (Left), Representational Image of UFO (Right)YouTube/Pixabay

"This was actually one of the fundamental questions we were trying to solve while in the Pentagon. The first obvious question is, is it our technology? And the answer is quite succinctly No. Why, for several reasons. First of all, I had access to all those programs. You typically don't test these types of secret aircraft in and around areas where you are doing active maneuvers. You tend to test them at secret test ranges, like Area 51. The second option is whether these flying vessels are the result of foreign adversarial technology. Of course, when you go back to history, one realizes very quickly that we are seeing this technology from the late 40s and 50s. And yet, these technologies were outperforming anything and everything that we have. So, if this was some sort of foreign adversarial technology that is been around for 70 years, this would be considered probably the worst intelligence failure, perhaps even eclipsing 9/11," said Elizondo. 

Elizondo suggests alien presence

Talking about tic-tac UFO, Elizondo suggests that the flying vessel that baffled US Navy officials showed advanced flying capabilities, and he hinted that it might be of alien origin. 

"Whenever an aircraft is going to do a bank or you are going to turn, you lose lift and you lose altitude. And yet, this (tic-tac UFO) is not losing altitude. And if you look at that, it does not look like an aircraft, does it?" added Elizondo. 

Elizondo also claimed that pilots have seen a whole fleet of tic-tac UFOs. He revealed that these flying objects use anti-gravity technology; the ability to fly with no wings, control surfaces, no obvious signs of propulsion, and sometimes not even a cockpit.