It was around a few months back that Pentagon admitted the existence of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP). The defense department also revealed that the footage of the tic-tac UFO is authentic. And now, documents suggest that investigation of several credible UFO encounters were shelved by a top-secret department run by the Royal Canadian Air Force. 

Fighter pilot makes shocking claims

Adding up to the mystery, an aviation expert has claimed that credible UFO sightings reported by pilots were not investigated properly. 


"I mean, somebody throws it out. Nobody cares. I don't see any evidence that there's any kind of in-depth look being taken at any of this kind of stuff, which means that nobody attaches any importance to it. You have evidence of the fact that they're aware of this kind of stuff; at the same time, you have evidence of the fact that nothing is happening," said Jock Williams, a former Royal Canadian Air Force pilot, The Sun reports.

Documents that talk about credible UFO sightings

The revelation from Williams comes just a few weeks after previous classified "event logs" were released to Vice News under Canada's Access to Information Act.

In one document, a pilot narrates his experience where he saw three red lights 3,000 feet above him and going slower. It should be noted that radar scans did not detect any flying vessels within the 100-mile radius. 

Information regarding the flying object sighting was soon sent to the department for transport and the air force's secretive Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Division in Winnipeg. However, Vice reports that no further actions were taken in connection with this mysterious UFO event. 

As credible UFO sightings are getting reported in various parts of the world, conspiracy theorists strongly believe that these events are proof of alien existence on earth. Earlier, Haim Eshed, a former Israeli space security chief had also claimed that alien activities on earth are real. Eshed also made it clear that world powers like the United States and Israel are working closely with advanced extraterrestrial species.