Unlike people from other countries, citizens of the United States are known for having an obsession with sky watching, and as a result, the country has reported a record number of UFO sightings over years. And now, a new UFO video, apparently captured from Orange County has surfaced online. The mysterious video shows two cigar-shaped flying objects hovering in the night skies in an eerie manner.

Mysterious UFO sightings continue

Conspiracy theorists strongly believe that California is a hotbed of UFO activities, and over the years, several UFO sightings have been reported in the state. The recent UFO video was shot on December 23, and the flying objects spotted in the skies had illuminating lights on the body.

Alleged UFOs that appeared in CaliforniaYouTube

The video uploaded on YouTube by the channel named LUFOS has apparently convinced conspiracy theorists, and they claim that events like these are authentic proof of alien existence on earth.

However, skeptics dismissed the alien rumors, and they made it clear that the flying objects that appeared in the skies could be most probably a reflection of objects placed in the interior of the house. These skeptics also claim that the photographer who captured the event was behind window glass, and the reflection of light or objects from the room's interior has resulted in the UFO debate.

Is the United States working with aliens?

A few days back, Haim Eshed, who served as the head of Israel's space security program had made some sensational remarks on alien existence. Eshed revealed that aliens are in direct contact with the United States and Israel. The former chief added that the United States is a member of the galactic federation which comprises alien representatives, and he shockingly claimed that there is a secret underground base on Mars. According to Eshed, both human and alien representatives are staying in this secretive underground base with advanced facilities.