Conspiracy theorists across the world strongly believe that alien existence on planet earth is real, and they strongly argue that world powers including the United States and space agencies like NASA are well aware of an extraterrestrial presence. As speculations surrounding alien existence continue to baffle truthseekers, a recent video of Barack Obama where he talked about extraterrestrials has now gone viral on the internet.

Did Barack Obama hint at the existence of aliens?

Barack Obama, during an interview with Stephen Colbert, revealed that he asked top-ranking military officials about the existence of aliens. During the talk, Obama did not give a direct answer regarding the existence of aliens, instead, the former president gave a hint that he knew the Universe's biggest secret.

obama aliens
YouTube/Wikimedia Commons

When Colbert asked Obama about the existence of aliens, he responded, "Cannot tell you, Sorry." However, Obama's silence intrigued Colbert, and he asked, "All right, I'll take that as a 'yes,' because if there were none, you'd say there was none."

Obama then said, "Feel free to think that."

Even though Obama was most probably be joking, several conspiracy theorists strongly believe that the former president admitted the presence of aliens.

Waring analyzed Obama's claims

After analyzing Obama's interview, Scott C Waring, a self-styled alien hunter who currently operates from Taiwan claimed that Obama's silence clearly indicates his knowledge of extraterrestrial presence on earth.

"However because they are real, and Obama found this out, and he cannot tell due to it being a Matter of National Security. So...he stayed silent. What this tells us is that aliens...and UFOs are 100% real and the US government wants you to not believe in them so that the US will remain a world power with all the alien technology and off-world bases that aliens are giving the US in exchange for earth bases and experimentations on humans," wrote Waring on his website UFO Sightings Daily.

A few months back, Donald Trump had also claimed that he knows some shocking details about the Roswell UFO incident. However, he made it clear that he cannot reveal the details he knows about the event.