The wild speculations of conspiracy theorists are apparently coming true, as a former Israeli space security chief has admitted that alien existence is real.

The remarks were made by Haim Eshed who served as the head of Israel's space security program for more than 30 years, during an interview given to Yediot Aharanot.


Mysteries surrounding galactic federation

During the interview, the 87-year-old top expert claimed that Israel and the United States have both been dealing with aliens for several years. Eshed also admitted to the existence of the Galactic Federation, which involves aliens and human leaders.

He further detailed the nature of the agreement that exists between the aliens and the US government. According to Eshed, the agreement has been made just because aliens wish to research and understand the fabric of the universe. Under this agreement, a secret underground base is now active on Mars, and there are both human and alien representatives there.

Donald Trump planned to disclose facts

Eshed, during the talk, claimed that Donald Trump was aware of alien existence, and he was apparently gearing up for disclosing the facts in front of the general public. However, the Galactic Federation apparently requested him to halt this move, as it could create mass hysteria. He also added that humans are not grown enough to accept the realities surrounding aliens and space ships.

A similar remark was made a few months ago by NASA chief scientist Dr. Jim Green. After predicting a possible alien discovery in the coming months, the scientist claimed that humans are not yet ready to accept the realities surrounding alien existence.

As top experts like Eshed and Green have started talking about aliens, conspiracy theorists strongly believe that humans are now going through the time of disclosure, and an open encounter with extraterrestrials could happen soon.