Ever since the discovery of the mysterious monolith in the Utah desert, conspiracy theorists have been putting forward various theories to explain this eerie event.

Shocking the entire world, the monolith disappeared from Utah without any trace of evidence, and it later appeared and disappeared in Romania and California. And now, self-styled UFO hunter Scott C Waring has suggested three different possibilities to explain the mysterious disappearance of the Utah monolith.

Monolith discovered in CaliforniaTwitter

Theories put forward by Scott C Waring

Waring, on his website UFO Sightings Daily suggested that there is an 80 per cent chance of this monolith being stolen by someone. He also predicted that this monolith will be auctioned anonymously in the Christie's auction house in the near future due to its fame.

Waring claimed that there is a 15 per cent chance of this monolith being taken by the US military to Area 51. According to Waring, the monolith allegedly taken to Area 51 will be tested to determine whether it is being made with any kind of alien technology.

As a third, but a distant possibility, Waring claimed that the monolith might have taken back by the aliens who placed it.

"I place a 5% chance on this actually being an alien ship or probe and that the object itself has moved its location, because the pilot who had walked away from it...may have looked human and was mingling and living in a city not too far away and thought this desert location was safe to leave the ship. Invasion? No...just a single craft is not an invasion. Pre invasion? Why? To take by force our iPhones, TVs, Computers? We have nothing other than our friendship and this planet to share with them," wrote Waring on his website.

Monolith destroyed?

In the meantime, a video has now gone viral on online spaces that show the monolith in Atascadero, California being destroyed by a group of people. The video was shared by a Twitter handle named 'Culture War Criminal', and in the description, they tweeted that they have destroyed the 'Cringe Monolith'.