Two videos uploaded to YouTube by a theory YouTube channel named Mavi777 are now the hottest debating point among conspiracy theorists and alien enthusiasts. The first video was captured from Texas, while the second one was apparently shot from Ohio. Interestingly, both these videos show strange lights in the night skies, which many conspiracy theorists consider irrefutable proof of alien existence.

Multiple lights in Texas skies

In the video shot in Texas, multiple UFO lights can be seen in the skies of Texas airport. The YouTube channel claims that the video was captured on November 19, and it shows multiple lights hovering in the skies, in the form of a straight line.

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The lights in the Texas skies seem flickering, and at times, some of these lights disappear completely for some moments before resurfacing.

As the video went viral, netizens started claiming that aliens have started showing up in the skies, which is a strong indication of an imminent alien disclosure.

Huge spaceship in Ohio

Another intriguing video released by Mavi777 was apparently captured from Ohio on November 17. This video seems shocking, as a huge spaceship with multiple lights in its body can be seen hovering in the night skies. As the giant UFO lights appeared in the night skies, eyewitnesses can be heard screaming.

After watching the video, viewers also started sharing their thoughts regarding the mysterious sighting.

"Mars war-like force threaten us !!! Seen clearly before heaven sword & lance !!! earthly peace trembles !!! Nostradamus prophecy !!!" commented Sam Kelly, a YouTube user.

"Those lights in the sky reminded me of the ship over Hawaii that was seen from 3 islands at the same time. Do you think it was one of those?" commented Debby Sheils, another YouTuber.

Even though the number of UFO sightings has witnessed a dramatic rise in recent days, neither the US government nor NASA has shared their thoughts in this regard.