Are aliens real?
Are aliens real?Reuters File

UFOs (unidentified flying objects) and their sightings have long been in question. Are aliens real or fake? Have UFOs actually been seen or the videos of the same have gained unnecessary attention? These questions about the extraterrestrial life have been discussed and passed along over the years.

If you do a quick research on the internet, you will find both cases supporting the existence of aliens and their mythological nature. Meanwhile, the latest instance of UFO sighting appeared on Monday, November 28, which was observed by several people. As reported, a fleet of flying objects in the skies of Istanbul, Turkey, was spotted.

Shortly after the instance, people started tweeting and retweeting the photos of the strange lights that appeared in the sky so much that the #UFOAttacktoTurkey started trending. If we recall, a similar sighting was reported in 1997 in Phoenix in Arizona.

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Amidst all this, researchers have a different take on aliens. Apparently, there is a new class of creatures that cannot be classified as animals or plants, hence labelling them "aliens."

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While you continue your quest to find the truth behind the whole idea of UFOs and aliens, here are some apps that will keep you updated with latest UFO sightings anywhere around the world.

If you are really interested into finding UFOs flying around our skies digitally, NASA has an ASP Assent Tracker that can come in handy. The site gives you details about all the flights flying around the world. 

There is a website just for UFO sightings around the world – UFO Stalker. The site tells you how many sightings have been reported in the last week, month or year. Users can also look for a particular case, select UFO sightings by regions or glance through the world map.

If your interests lie in UFOs and aliens, then a website called UFO Sightings Daily offers in-depth coverage of most of the mysterious things in our universe. It can be an interesting read for those who are fascinated by aliens.

But if you are here just for fun, then there are plenty of apps on iTunes and Play Store for you to prank others. Aliens Motion Tracker is one such app that places aliens on the screen by tapping or drawing them. The app is available on both Play Store and iTunes.

On Google Play Store, there is an app called UFO tracking in real time, but by the looks of its reviews, it doesn't do much for entertainment or for actual UFO tracking purposes. If you think there are some apps that are actually useful for UFO enthusiasts, let us know in the comments below.