A mysterious video, uploaded to YouTube by conspiracy theory channel Hidden Underbelly 2.0 is now the hottest debating point among conspiracy theorists and alien enthusiasts. In the video shot in the night from Brazil, a glowing UFO can be seen hovering in the skies, and at one point in time, it allegedly deployed some objects. 

Mysterious UFO video sparks debate

The weird clip was recorded in Vera Cruz, Rio Grande do Sul, on August 8. The UFO that initially appeared in the skies was emanating an orange glow, while the smaller objects it deployed also showed similar color patterns. The footage was initially uploaded to YouTube by a user named Diego Santos and it later gained popularity after it was shared by The Hidden Underbelly 2.0. 

UFO Brazil
UFO that appeared in BrazilYouTube: The Hidden Underbelly

"Let's take a look at this footage, it is coming out of Brazil, of this brightly lit object. Pay close attention to it because it releases two other objects. Now with this object so brightly lit, we should be able to see navigation lights if they have any," said the uploader of the video.

Netizens suspect alien presence

After watching the video, viewers also shared their theories regarding the bizarre sighting. Most of the viewers who watched the video claimed that these UFO events are authentic proof of alien existence on earth. 

"Seeing those smaller objects coming out... reminds me of Empire Strikes Back with the probe droids... and I wouldn't be surprised if they were SOMETHING akin to something that's been released for probing/getting info, etc., or some other clandestine mission," commented Master Serch, a YouTube user. 

However, some other people suggested that the UFO that appeared in the skies could be Chinese lanterns, while some others claimed that these objects could be high-flying drones.