The tic-tac UFO incident which happened in 2004 is widely considered the most intriguing UFO event humans have ever seen. The video of the alleged UFO event was released by To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the Pentagon later acknowledged that the clip is authentic. And now, the man who filmed the iconic tic-tac UFO has claimed that there is another video that shows an advanced flying vessel, and it is not released yet. 

Chad Underwood makes a mindblowing revelation

It was US Navy officer Chad Underwood who captured the visuals of the tic-tac UFO on his FLIR (forward-looking infrared) camera. Underwood recently appeared with documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell on his YouTube channel and talked about another UFO clip that is not yet released. 

(Source: Screengrab/Youtube)

"At the time there were two sets of tapes which you put in, one was for the right-hand display and one was for the left-hand display. Just so we could record those simultaneously," said Underwood. 

Corbell later asked Underwood whether there is yet another footage that the world has not seen yet. Underwood replied, "I did, yeah. They're probably not going to see it for a long time." 

When Luis Elizondo talked about a 23-minute raw UFO footage

It was around a few weeks back that the Pentagon released its much-anticipated UFO report. Even though the Pentagon acknowledged the presence of UFOs, the defense department did not admit nor denied the presence of aliens behind the alleged flying object sightings. 

Recently, Luis Elizondo who had previously worked with the secretive Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) claimed that he has seen a 23-minute raw UFO footage that the Pentagon has not released yet. The former Pentagon insider also shockingly revealed that he will get arrested if he reveals more details about UFOs and this video clip.