It was around a few weeks back that the Pentagon released its UFO report. In the UFO report, Pentagon admitted the presence of UFOs, but the report did not reveal that these flying vessels had an alien origin. And now, Luis Elizondo, who had previously worked with the secretive Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) has claimed that he has seen a 23-minute UFO video clip. 

Pentagon covering up UFO existence? 

Elizondo made this revelation while talking to the YouTube channel Fade to Black. During the talk, Elizondo revealed that the UFO video was extremely compelling. 

Representational Image of UFO and alienPixabay

Elizondo said, "The video was extremely compelling - one of many - to the point where I remember getting some expertise to look at it. I did not say what it was. I sent it out to some highly trained experts in the ISR (Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance) community. And when they came back to me, the title of the email was quote-unquote 'that UFO video'." 

During the talk, Elizondo shockingly claimed that he will get arrested if more information about the UFO video is revealed. 

It should be noted that To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science had released a UFO video that showed the tic-tac flying vessel being trailed by the US Navy jets. This video was released in late 2017, and it is widely considered the most compelling piece of evidence that substantiates the presence of UFOs on earth. The UFO featured in the clip was screeching across space at a mind-blowing speed, and at times, it defied all laws of modern physics. 

Predicting the trajectory of UFOs

Recently, documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell had also released two UFO clips, captured by Navy officials aboard US warships. In the first video, a triangular UFO can be seen hovering in the skies. In the second clip, a spherical-shaped flying vessel can be seen plunging into the ocean. 

Recently, former American president Barack Obama had claimed that it is difficult to predict the trajectory of UFOs. 

As authentic UFO sightings start surfacing online, conspiracy theorists have started claiming that these flying vessels could be controlled by advanced aliens from deep space. According to these conspiracy theorists, governments all across the world, and space agencies like NASA are intentionally covering up facts about extraterrestrials to avoid public panic.