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    Last week, a grey object was observed coming over the horizon and then disappearing moments before NASA switched to a different camera.YouTube
    This picture was provided by Toby Lundh to Discover.tv. He captured the image before NASA interrupted the live streaming for 10 to 15 seconds.YouTube

UFO researchers have accused NASA of trying to prevent people from noticing evidence of UFOs in its live video streams and space imagery.

Some conspiracy theorists have raised their voices against NASA's practice of cutting live feeds from the International Space Station, the moment a 'UFO' appeared. The UFO researchers have stated that they have observed, on two separate instances, the moment a mysterious object appears on their live video feeds, NASA cuts the streaming and the screen goes blank.

Around a week ago, UFO enthusiast Toby Lundh had caused a stir among alien hunters claiming that he had spotted a UFO outside the ISS just moments before the streaming was disrupted for 10 to 15 seconds.

According to Inquisitr, Lundh got in touch with Disclose.tv and provided them with a still picture of what he believed was a UFO. He claimed that NASA tried to "cover up evidence" of UFO presence near the ISS by stopping the live streaming.

However, the latest to accuse NASA of hiding UFO evidence is UFO Sightings Daily's Scott Waring, who discovered evidence that the space agency had taken down a photo from the Apollo-Saturn mission on its Apollo Image Atlas. Previously, UFO researchers had stated that the image showed an "unidentified but sophisticated looking craft in orbit around Earth". However, NASA allowed the image to be posted on other platforms with the UFO missing.

Waring was not convinced and he began an online search of NASA photos. He clicked on the link to the particular photo, but it gave an Error 404 message. Waring said: "I clicked on the link and it gave me error message. NASA not only deleted the photo above, but also went to their old photo indexes and deleted it from there. The photo below was found at a different site and shows that the UFO is gone," Inquisitr reports.

Waring referred to a YouTube video that was posted by UFO researcher Jason Hunter on 3 April, 2013. It allegedly contains the original photo showing the orbiting UFO.

Waring, accusing NASA of altering the image, said: Deliberate efforts have been put in by NASA to hide this UFO from the public. I just wanted to let the public know, NASA does delete UFOs and here is the proof."

The video by Jason Hunter is below:


NASA is yet to respond to the allegations.

Some scientists believe that spotting of UFOs may be due to a psychological phenomenon, pareidolia – which describes the brain's response to seeing significant objects in random places.

"The vast majority of these images are as vague and elusive as those posted by UFO witnesses on Earth, and many have a fairly mundane explanation. The problem is that the more Nasa denies such things or explains them the more people think there is a conspiracy to hide the truth that aliens are visiting our planet," Nigel Watson, author of the UFO investigations Manual told MailOnline.