Popular conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'MrMBB333' has recently released a video featuring a blue light on the skies, and it has now gone viral on online spaces. The video was sent to the conspiracy theory channel by a follower, and the eyewitness reveals that the clip was captured from the skies of Nebraska.

A terrific flight across the skies

In the initial moments of the video, we can see an ordinary night sky with stars. But suddenly, a blue cigar-shaped flying object enters the scene, and it screeches across the skies in a sky-rocketing speed. Interestingly, this flying object appears in the video for only a few seconds before vanishing into thin air.

Blue UFO
Blue UFO in skiesYouTube: MrMBB333

"While recording with my telescope I caught an object moving from the Southern sky to Northern sky in the western part of Omaha, Nebraska. I'm pretty familiar with most objects in the sky. This just seems strange to me," said the eyewitness.

Meteor or UFO

After watching the video, viewers of MrMBB333 also put forward their theories to explain this bizarre sighting. Most of the viewers who watched this clip argued that this strange cigar-shaped UFO could be most probably an alien spaceship that might have visited the earth from the deep space. These conspiracy theorists strongly believe that aliens have been visiting earth for hundreds of thousands of years to monitor human activities.

"They don't hide anymore! I got that feeling, something huge is coming! Let us all get ready," commented Nelson Hernandez, a YouTube user. 

Some other people argue that this blue streak of light that appeared in the night skies could be a meteor burning up in the earth's atmosphere.

However, skeptics assure that this blue streak of light could be neither an alien ship nor a meteor. As per these skeptics, this cigar-shaped complexion might be the result of the speed and frame rate of the camera.