Scott C Waring is a popular UFO hunter who is currently operating from Taiwan. In his career, he has spotted several anomalies on NASA images apparently captured from Mars and the moon. Recently, the self-proclaimed alien hunter revealed that he has discovered a pyramid-like structure on the Red Planet.

Waring blames NASA

After making the discovery, Waring claimed that these pyramids were made using alien technology. The UFO hunter also added that he has spotted entrances to the pyramid in these images taken by NASA.

Pyramid on mars
Pyramid-like structure on MarsET Data Base/NASA

Waring claimed that these pyramids are three meters tall, and have a width of five meters. The conspiracy theorist also assured that this discovery hints at the presence of aliens on the Red Planet in the ancient days.

"I found two ancient pyramids on Mars today in a NASA photo. Both pyramids are close to one another and they both have entrances facing the NASA rover camera. They look ancient but has survived the test of time. Both pyramids are about three meters tall by five meters wide. A smaller species than us humans for sure, but intelligent species," wrote Waring on his website ET Data Base.

On his several website posts, Waring had alleged that NASA, the United States space agency is well aware of alien existence on Mars, but the agency is intentionally covering up the facts for unknown reasons. 

Pareidolia and Waring's discoveries

Conspiracy theorists who analyzed the findings of Waring strongly claim that these discoveries are authentic, and they assure that alien life forms might be secretly harboring on the Red Planet. However, skeptics have always dismissed the discoveries made by Waring.

As per these skeptics, most of the discoveries made by Waring are classic cases of pareidolia. It should be noted that pareidolia is a unique capability of the human brain to form recognizable images on unknown patterns.