Conspiracy theorists all across the world strongly believe that aliens used to visit the International Space Station (ISS) regularly, and they are in constant contact with astronauts in the space station. Adding up the heat to this theory, self-proclaimed alien hunter Scott C Waring has discovered a UFO following the ISS for more than 20 minutes.

UFO near International Space StationNASA/ET Data Base

Discovery from NASA's live camera feed

Waring revealed that he made this discovery from NASA's live camera feed. In the 22-minute footage, we can see the bus-sized UFO moving at the same speed as the ISS which moves at 7.7 kilometres per second. Shockingly, at the end of the footage, the UFO shoots upwards and vanishes from the sight.

Waring also added that the astronauts in the ISS were surprised to see the unexpected UFO sighting near the space station.

"At first I thought it was a capsule or satellite, but its speed increased and after 22 minutes it shot up and into deep space. I believed if it was a capsule it would have gone into low earth orbit then lower to land. But when this object shot upward into deep space, it literally blew my mind. This could be USAF top-secret alien tech fused craft, but I don't think so, the person on the camera seemed dismayed and unprepared for its sudden appearance," wrote Waring on his website ET Data Base.

Are aliens leaving earth due to coronavirus outbreak?

In his post, Waring outlandishly claimed that aliens are leaving the earth due to the coronavirus outbreak. Waring predicted that UFO sightings will increase drastically in the coming days as aliens will be trying to leave the earth before they get infected.

A few weeks back, Waring had spotted the secretive black knight satellite near the International Space Station. In his post, the conspiracy theorist also added that this satellite is deployed by aliens in Planet X to constantly monitor earth.