Several conspiracy theorists believe that a satellite named 'Black Knight', which has alleged extraterrestrial origin, is orbiting above the earth to monitor human activities.

These conspiracy theorists also argue that space agencies like NASA are well aware of the spacecraft's existence above the earth's orbit. Even though widely classified as a planned hoax, the Black Knight satellite continues to baffle the theorists.

Black knight
NASA/ET Data Base

Black Knight satellites real or not?

Scott C Waring, a popular conspiracy theorist known for spotting anomalies in pictures taken by NASA from Mars and the moon, has sensationally claimed that he has spotted the same Black Knight satellite near the International Space Station (ISS).

"This alien craft might not be a UFO but could however be one of the famous Black Knight satellites. That's a satellite object, black non-reflective and cannot be destroyed, but it will attack when provoked. It is said to be placed by Planet X, Nibiru so that they can constantly monitor Earth," wrote Waring on his website ET Data Base.

Sadly, the Black Knight satellites also have the weaponry to destroy all life on earth instantly. Sterilizing the planet of life," he added.

He said that the object spotted in the video is not a reflection of objects in the lens equipped in the ISS.

Alien portal
Alien portal below the International Space Station (ISS) [Representative image]Youtube/screenshot

Black Knight appeared in Apollo 12 lunar mission images?

This is not the first time Scott C Waring has spotted the alleged Black Knight satellite. A few months back, Waring had spotted a UFO in one of the re-examined Apollo 12 archive photos.

After spotting the mysterious object, Waring alleged that astronauts might have already seen the UFO, but are covering it up due to the compulsion from NASA and the United States government. The object spotted in the video seems very similar to the Black Knight satellite, as depicted by conspiracy theorists over the years.