Many residents in Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska were in a state of panic as they witnessed mysterious drones hovering in the skies numerous times in the past few weeks. Videos of the sightings had recently gone viral and authorities were unable to give a convincing explanation.

Who was behind the drone sightings?

As speculations and fear regarding the mysterious sightings loomed over, Michael Spicer from Durango, Colorado, told the Journal-Advocate that an alien-hunting group named ArchAngelRECON is using drones to chase UFO in the skies.

Spicer revealed that these extraterrestrial hunters were in search of that infamous tic-tac UFO that sparked fears in US Navy pilots in 2004. He added that the group had apparently sent six to 12 drones that fly in a pattern to search for the alleged alien spacecraft.

alien UFO
NASA doesn't know if aliens exist.Creative Commons

Spicer made it clear that he was unaware of the frenzy around the drones until the day he was contacted by the Federal Aviation Administration.

It should be noted that Joseph Gradisher, the spokesman for the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Warfare, had admitted that UFO sightings in Naval bases are quite common, but most of the pilots are hesitant to report it due to the weird theories and stigma attached to the alleged flying ships.

Is the government covering up the truth regarding aliens?

A few days back, Stephen Bassett, an extraterrestrial hunter had claimed that Donald Trump's reign is hindering the process of alien disclosure. Bassett argued that humans would have been living in a post-disclosure world if Donald Trump would not have won the 2017 presidential elections.

Conspiracy theorists, including Bassett, believe that the United States government is intentionally covering up facts about alien existence fearing public panic. Some of these conspiracy theorists even believe that aliens have direct involvement in determining governmental policies.