UFO spotted in the Yorkshire DalesYoutube/screenshot

A woman in Australia's North East captured photos of what appears to be a flying saucer hovering above the Great Barrier Reef.

Jenny Morrison, the woman who captured the "unexplainable" photos, said the bizarre UFO-like object appeared in the sky in October.

Morrison, who is from Cairns in Queensland, was photographing the sunset when she spotted the mysterious object. When she checked the photographs, she noticed in several images an "inexplicable luminous green dot."

"There's this little light, that looks just like a bit of water on the lens. I haven't edited the photos, or done anything to them. When you look through the photos, though, the dot is in the middle of a saucer-shaped shadow thing. I don't know how to explain it," Morrison told the Cairns Post.

She further claimed that the green dot appeared in only a few photographs in the series. But she did not notice anything when she looked in the sky with the naked eye while taking the photos.

"It's so weird. It looks really real — like something you'd see on TV. It's crazy."

While Morrison claimed that she hasn't edited the photo that shows a green light in the saucer-shaped shadow object, social media users believe it is just a lens flare.

"Isn't that just the iPhone camera capturing too much light? I have tons of pics with green dot," a Twitter user said.

"this stuff makes me laugh, "she didn't see it until later", it's freaking massive hahaa. Scoreboard now is Lens flare-399/UFO-0, [sic]" another user said.

Far North Queensland, the northernmost part of the Queensland, is considered to be a UFO hotspot and there have been reports of several sightings of mysterious objects in the sky there.

There is even an annual Cardwell UFO Festival to highlight the extraterrestrial activities around Cardwell. The event was started in 2014 to talk about the unusual sightings and activities in the region.

The UFO festival was also named one of the most "eyebrow-raising festivals" in Australia.