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Bizarre formation of clouds in the skies of Dorset, UK on Wednesday, October 25, has left the UFO hunters and witnesses baffled. The clouds appeared as if saucer-shaped UFO had passed through the skies.  

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This occurrence took place around 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm on Wednesday, when a pair of huge, weird spot was seen in the skies of Dorset. It  appeared to be caused by UFOs punching through the clouds. It left everyone guessing what really led to this unknown phenomenon.

"People started stopping me and asking what was going on. They assumed I knew something because I was taking photographs, but of course I had no idea," said freelance photographer Len Copeland who stopped by to capture some pictures of the mysterious clouds,  reported Express.

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"There were these two, round-shaped UFO formations - it was really, really weird. One of them dissipated and left this feathery thing in its place. Around a thousand people were there. There were lots of children and families playing on the beach and swimming in the sea," Copeland revealed.

"Loads of people were taking photos on their iPhone. That's what made me look up in the first place. Some other onlookers have taken to Twitter to share their sightings, with one person writing: "UFO? Rare cloud formation leaves a 'hole in the sky' over Dorset," he added further.

This bizarre phenomenon was described as "fallstreak cloud" by experts, a spokesperson from Met Office UK revealed.

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A "fallstreak cloud" is formed when a part of the cloud layer forms ice crystals, which are big enough to fall as fallstreak.

According to media reports it was the second time in some weeks that such a strange occurrence was noticed in the area, leaving the locals puzzled.  

Another instance that took place was red sky appearing over various parts of UK along with  reddish Sun.

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According to BBC weather presenter Simon King, it was caused due to the remnants of Hurricane Ophelia dragging in tropical air and dust from the Sahara.

King also added that "debris from forest fires in Portugal and Spain was also playing a part."


YouTube/ Info Crazy