UFO spotted in the Yorkshire DalesYoutube/screenshot

A video showing a US military predator drone tracking down a UFO in Afghanistan has gone viral. The video shows that the unidentified object fires a powerful energy beam to destroy the drone.

Conspiracy theorists claim that the video is leaked government footage. The viral video, which has been viewed more than 194,742 times, shows the predator drone over a mountain range chasing a UFO in the distance in the desert-like landscape.

The mysterious object appears from the right side before disappearing around a corner. When the drone follows it, a quick beam of light appears to attack the drone in an attempt to destroy it.

The video was uploaded on YouTube on October 22 by the username UFO Today. In the description, the YouTuber claims that he got the video from an anonymous source.

"This video was sent to me by an anonymous source, claiming to work for the government. He/she said that this video was just the tip of the iceberg. There seems to be an increase of UFO's interacting with military drones. Some ex-military people told me that this footage seems genuine drone footage, probably recorded in Afghanistan."

The video received mixed reactions from the viewers on the YouTube page. While some have commented saying that the video is a proof of aliens, several other believe it is a hoax and the video is edited.

"And why is it on a military drone such a shit camera? Now on drones with Aliexpress there are cameras 4k 120Hz," a user said.

"Is that real? Why would they allow this to be released? Are they preparing us for the UFO false flag?"

"They're finally here, this has to be proof."

"So obviously edited."

Watch the video below.