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Here's an image from the stunning dual UFO sighting footage captured near ISS.YouTube screenshot/ Streetcap1

UFOs have been spotted yet another time in a video recorded at the International Space Station (ISS). The video shows two alien spacecraft interacting with each other.

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The alien spacecraft initially appear to be lens flares, but they can be seen clearly later on. The video has been published by the YouTube channel, Streetcap1.

The UFO-hunter posted the video on YouTube on Wednesday, March 22. The description of the video says: "This appeared on camera at the ISS and stayed for 7 minutes. I thought it's only lens flare, forget it, but certain things were happening as it progressed. Lights appearing later on and as you can see flashes at the beginning of the piece near the second item as it appeared.
As the video progresses the items appear to turn slightly and light up while keeping the same orbital speed as the space station."

You can watch the video footage of the 2 UFOs here:

YouTube/ Streetcap1

This is not the only incident of a UFO sighting taking place at the ISS. A few more incidents have taken place recently, which were revealed by another alien hunter whose YouTube channel goes by the name secureteam10.

In a recent incident, two mysterious UFOs can be spotted passing by in the background in a video footage captured by Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti. She was unaware of these objects passing by, and she had just uncovered the window of the ISS to show the conditions prevailing outside.

You can check out the footage here:

YouTube/ secureteam10

In yet another footage, a giant UFO was spotted hovering near the ISS at a distance, the lights were suddenly dimmed after the strange craft was spotted by the authorities. 

Many UFOlogists have been slammed by astronomers and researchers, who say the objects appearing in the footages are "light flares" or "camera disturbances".

"I thought I was seeing things. I had to be quick. This should appear in the archive later for those wanting verification. The dimming at the end was sudden and my guess is they turned down the brightness a little because they spotted it. Sorry about quality, but it was hundreds of miles away," StreetCap1 stated in the description of the video.

 Check out the stunning footage of the mega UFO spotted from the ISS: