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Here's another revelation by this UFO hunter talking about and revealing about two unknown objects which were captured unknowingly in this video footage shot by a female astronaut from the ISS.YouTube/ screenshot

There have been various instances in the past when NASA has been accused of covering up UFOs sightings in the past.

The space agency's astronauts have also either been caught on live recordings trying to hide mysterious or unidentified objects passing by the International Space Station (ISS), or the video suddenly dims any time a mysterious object can be seen.

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Now, here's another revelation by Tyler, a UFO hunter from Secure Team 10, who talks about two unknown objects unknowingly captured in this video footage, shot by an Italian astronaut, Samantha Cristoforetti, from the ISS.

One of the objects can be spotted passing swiftly by from one of the windows of the ISS, whereas the other object can be seen making a sharp left turn.

In this video we can see Cristoforetti, an ESA astronaut, uncovering the windows after which two mysterious objects can be seen passing by at the back.

Check the video out here:

YouTube/ secureteam10

Though the first UFO could be any celestial body or space rock, the other one is seriously strange, moving way too quick and changing direction and speed.

Co-incidentally, the camera pans during the shot, just as in a previous video in which an astronaut working on the ISS clearly seems to hide the UFO by putting his palm in front of the camera lens. The mysterious object can be seen passing by once, followed by other strange objects flying by.

Here's a link to the alleged UFO cover up by the astronaut at the ISS:  

YouTube/ secureteam10