Twitter users have long been waiting for the verification process to resume, which was brought to a halt in 2017, but it will now begin next year. Twitter made the announcement on Tuesday that its new verification system would be rolled out in "early 2021." This time, the microblogging platform is even asking for feedback on a draft proposal for verification, which it will review and release the final policy on December 17.

Twitter's coveted blue tick on certain profiles has been a topic of huge confusion and criticism. Over the years, Twitter hasn't been clear about who can be verified and when or the reason why an account might be verified or not. But that changes next year.

Until new proposals are reviewed and implemented, the proposed policy dictates that blue verified badge on Twitter is given to notable and active accounts. Twitter said accounts eligible for verified badge including government accounts, companies, brands, nonprofits, news media accounts, entertainment, sports, activists, organizers and other influential individuals.

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Further elaborating on the specific requirements to get verified on Twitter, an account must be profiled in a media outlet, get Wikipedia references or could be assessed through Google search trends.

How can accounts lose blue badge?

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Having a blue badge is considered a privilege to many, but it doesn't mean that a verified symbol will forever be a part of the account. Even verified Twitter accounts can lose the blue badge if it has been inactive, or in repeated violation of Twitter rules. Changing the display name or bio to mislead people can also take that coveted badge away.

Twitter users can take a survey on its policy before December 8 or tweet your feedback with the hashtag #VerificationFeedback. Twitter also said there will be more ways to identify accounts with new account types and labels, which will be different from the verified badge.