Twitter is one of the best micro-blogging social media platforms in today's world. If you want to find trending news related to music, movies, sports, etc.; Twitter is the best place to discover real-time news. As of now with the second quarter of 2018, the micro-blogging service has an average of 335 million monthly active users.

Twitter also has a system of the verified badge to demonstrate the authenticity of the page. As of now, the company has halted its verification program. It states that it will soon update with its new verification programme.

Once it resumes, you can do follow this steps and get the verified badge next to your profile. Sounds cool? Right.

Twitter verification process
Twitter verification processScreenshot

Fill out a complete Twitter profile that includes a profile picture, your name, your website, cover photo and bio.

Also, add a verified phone number and confirm your email address.

Submit your 'Date of Birthday'

Make your account as 'public'. Although, certain celebrities chose to set it as private.

Click on the verification form to get started the process. -

Twitter verification process
Twitter verification processScrreengrab

The most important part of Twitter verification is the profile should be of public interest. Twitter has specific categories which it considers as public interest. Those are Music, TV, Film, Fashion, Government, Politics, Religion, Journalism, Media, Sports, Business, and other key interest areas.

Additional tips to get your Twitter page easily verified.

  1. Make sure your twitter page is constantly active and it shouldn't violate any twitter policies or rules.
  2. Link your profile to another verified twitter account. It increases the authenticity of your profile, making easy for Twitter to verify page.
  3. If you are an organisation, please mention the specific numbers to your bio. For e.g. 4+ million customers, We're $5M startup venture, Member of Fortune 500, celebration 75 years in business.
  4. If you are individual and looking to verify your Twitter profile, the best factor would be your Job Title in your bio. For e.g. Co-founder of @companyname.
  5. Also, Twitter asks for ' Why I should be verified' - please mention good empathetic pitch for the Twitter community.
  6. Mention what you are doing in the cover photo. For e.g. If you are TEDx speaker, a picture of you delivering speech would be great.
  7. Mention your exact location. No gibberish places such as space, the universe, Mars, etc.
  8. Submit your links which can be bylined from major websites, author pages, awards, company profiles, etc.

Once Twitter resumes its verification and with the mentioned, you can easily get your blue tick. So, what are you waiting for, You might be the next celebrity on Twitter.