Twitter's verification badge became a highly debatable topic on the platform last night after the Twitter Communications team teased the users with "reply if you want to be verified!" But there was a twist, no one could reply to the tweet. This was a marketing ploy for a feature that the social media platform was testing out and gave its access to a select number of users, who went on to have some fun with users by offering some tempting deals if only they could reply. But Twitter Comms' offer was the most tempting of all as users are always trying to get that coveted blue tick on their profile.

Just as the Twitter-verse was indulging in the fun and their urge to get that verification badge was rejuvenated. People started bombarding Twitter Comms officials with requests, hoping they could get the blue tick. But it was all in vain.

Just then, Jon Hendren - popularly referred to as the mayor of "Weird Twitter" who never seizes to amuse his followers, joined in the conversation about verified badges by sharing an interesting feature available to those who have a blue tick on their Twitter profile.

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Transfer verification badge

Handren (@fart) shared a screenshot, which appears to be from the Twitter profile settings page. In that, there's an option to "transfer verification badge" and all users have to do is enter another user's Twitter handle to transfer the coveted badge.

Twitter verification transfer
Twitter verification transferScreenshot

The screenshot highlights that "verified users can transfer their blue verification badge to another user. This can only be done once and cannot be undone."

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Transfer Twitter verification badge
Transfer Twitter verification badgeScreenshot

Twitter's Communications team jumped into action to clarify that no such thing is possible. In a brief comment, replying to Handren's tweet, Twitter said, "yeah, no. not a thing." Moreover, there is no such option in the settings of a verified Twitter account wherein a user can transfer the blue tick to another user.

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Twitter verification badge transfer

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