japanese train
The train in Japan was 25 seconds ahead of scheduled time. [Representational Image]Reuters

The West Japan Railways Company was at the receiving end of an embarrassing and "inexcusable" incident when a local train left 25 seconds earlier than the scheduled departure time. The railway officials added that it had caused "great inconvenience" to the passengers.

The incident took place at 7.11 am last Friday, May 11 wherein a local train had left the station because the conductor was unable to spot anyone on the platform, Independent reported. The apology over the train timings went viral on social media and even had Twitter users taking digs at Japan's punctuality.

Despite leaving early, the West Japan Railways pointed out that the train headed toward Nishi-Akashi Station in Hyogo prefecture, arrived at its next stop at "the prescribed time." Although none of the passengers had complained about the timings, the apology went viral on social media.

In its press release, JR-West said that upon investigating it was found that the conductor had "misunderstood" the departure time and hence signalled too early. The company further added that it will ensure such incidents do not happen again, reports Independent.

The Japanese railway network had earlier made headlines on last November when a Tsukuba Express conductor departed 20 seconds earlier than the scheduled departure time. The punctuality of the Japanese trains has left Twitter users wondering why their country does not have the problem of a train being late 25 seconds.

Here are some of the funniest Twitter reactions: