Even as we try to cope with the lockdown, the current situation has been much harsher on some than others. the lockdown revealed the huge gaps in the system and the people alike. As industries everywhere suffer, the victims remain the employees.

Many TV actors have been faced with difficult choices and adversities linked to financial trouble amid the lockdown. Ashiesh Roy faced financial trouble when he was admitted to the hospital earlier and requested to leave because he couldn't afford it. Manas Shah sold his car, and some actors like Preksha Mehta and Manmeet Grewal took their lives. Now, Begusarai actor joins this list with his appeal on Facebook for financial help.

Rajesh Kareer

TV actors at a tough crossroads amid financial troubles under lockdown

While everybody has been going on about safety and the need to stay indoors, which nobody is debating, the lockdown has left irreversible scars on some. Mumbai the hub of Bollywood, the television and film industry of India has been badly hit by the pandemic. Therefore, industries shut down and with the industries all hopes for those who work for the industry as work stopped as well.

The non-payment of dues in the television industry has been a cause of alarm during recent times. This has adversely affected numerous actors. Manas Shah recently sold his car in order to survive in these trying times.

Manas Shah
Manas Shah.Manas Shah Instagram Account

The lack of work also affected Ashiesh Roy who was admitted for dialysis in Mumbai but couldn't afford his hospital bill.

Ashiesh roy

Manmeet Grewal took his own life due to the financial stress and lack of employment.

Producers have been irresponsible when it comes to clearing payments and despite complaints of the actors, the producers of TV shows have not been proactive in responding. Preksha Mehta also took her life in a drastic step due to the impact of the lockdown on her mental health and career.

Now Rajesh Kareer recently took to Facebook to describe his situation and appealing for donations. In the video, he says with a heavy voice, "Life has come to a standstill and I am unable to understand anything. I want to live."

The lockdown has surely been unforgiving for some.