TV actor Ashiesh Roy was admitted to the ICU for dialysis. The actor who made an appeal on Facebook asking for funds from the public is now unable to afford his dues towards the hospital. The actor is now asking for discharge. 

Ashiesh Roy has run out of funds to pay the hospital for his treatment. Despite the online appeal he can't afford it, going so far to say even if he dies he won't be able to stay there. He has asked authorities to discharge him.

Ashiesh roy

Ashiesh Roy requests discharge, unable to afford hospital dues

Sasural Simar Ka actor Ashiesh Roy was admitted to the ICU in Mumbai on May 14 for dialysis. After being admitted he appealed to the public on Facebook asking for contributions to pay for his treatment as he is in a tight financial situation.

However, the actor has run out of funds to pay the hospital and is seeking discharge from the hospital. He told TOI that he has been facing a money crunch that worsened under lockdown. He had savings amounting to Rs 2 Lakh and he spent that on the first 2 days of being hospitalised. He had to pay for the COVID-19 test, Rs 90,000 just for one round of dialysis. He has to undergo a treatment amounting to Rs 4 Lakh which he can't pay. 

Ashiesh roy

He said about his situation, "So, I want to go back home, as I can't afford the treatment. I am seeking financial aid from people so that I can clear my medical bills to get discharged. I can't continue staying here even if I were to die tomorrow." He said he needs time and money to recover. He is also regretting not having gotten married and feels he has no emotional support in Mumbai and was looking to relocate to Kolkata

A co-actor of his on Rishta Sajhedaari Ka, Sooraj Thapar, has been in touch with Roy and has been making appeals for funds, and even appealed to an NGO for help. He said that while some amount of money has been transferred to Roy's account, from his sister and friends in the industry, they still need more money to cover the expenses. Roy was eager to sell his 2BHK flat, but during these times it's hard to make that sale and will take time. Hopefully, the actor will recover soon and will get the help he needs.