In a rather shocking incident that turned all eyes towards teenage boys in South Delhi, an Instagram chat group called 'Bois Locker Room', with hundreds of boys from south Delhi was highlighted as these boys used the platform for allegedly sharing photos of underage girls, objectifying them, and promoting rape culture. The post was shared on Twitter on May 3.

A day later on Monday, a Delhi schoolboy was taken into custody by the police. The boys allegedly were sharing morphed pictures of girls, who were underage, and they were being body-shamed and slut-shamed on the group chat.

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In another shocking incident that went viral, some underage boys were 'planning gang rape' on Snapchat. Messages promoting rape culture, like "We can rape her easily" and "I will come whenever you say. We will gang rape her", were allegedly discussed on the Snapchat group.

An unexpected twist has been reported in the bios locker room incident. According to the police investigation, The Snapchat screenshot inciting rape is not part of the widely shared Locker room group chats. the investigation in bios locker room found that a girl was using fake identity of a male person. She suggested in the chat, a plan to sexually assault herself. Basically it was a reality check. Both the girl and her friend are not connected to the locker room case in any other way.

The Bois locker room investigation

The Delhi Police officials stated, "Among the various screenshots shared on multiple social media platforms, is a screenshot of a one-to-one Snapchat conversation, where a person named 'Siddharth' is suggesting a plan of sexual assault of a girl to the other person (receiver). The investigation has revealed that the alleged Snapchat conversation is in fact, between a girl who is sending those texts to a boy by using the fake male profile. In the chat, she is suggesting the plan to sexually assault herself."

Tweet from the journalist who is claiming fake identity used by a girl in Bois Locker Room case

Fake account created to check reaction of her friend?

He further stated that the purpose of her sending such chat messages using a fake, imaginary identity was to check the reaction of the boy, who received the message and the strength of his character.

What made police suspicious was that the girl was aware of the fact that the account belonging to 'Siddharth', which suggested her sexual assault was a fake/fictional one, and which was created by her own self. She did not report the account to anyone. Reports state that the boy who received these chats not only stopped the conversation but also immediately informed his friends. Among these friends was also the girl herself, since she was the supposed target of the sexual assault plan. For obvious reasons, the girl didn't report the conversation but someone else posted it up.

Another Tweet claiming the same

In the bois locker room incident, the cyber police, who took suo motu cognisance and filed an FIR on Monday, had apprehended and questioned a 15-year-old, who further identified the 26 suspects. The teen was questioned again on Tuesday and later sent to a juvenile correctional home.

Three of the 26 suspects have been called in for questioning. According to the police, all 26 teenagers were supposed to be called in for questioning and their phones were seized for scrutiny.