A shocking incident has stirred havoc on social media when a Twitter user shared some chilling details of an Instagram group chat where a group of boys were 'casually' glorifying gangraping underaged girls.

On Sunday, May 3, an Instagram group named 'Bois Locker room' was made public which revealed lewd chats between a group of boys exchanging pictures of girls, objectifying them, 'casually' discussing gangrape and passing inappropriate comments. "We can rape her easily" and "I will come whenever you say, We will gang rape her. (These are few disturbing statements extracted from the screenshots and threads made available on Instagram and Twitter)

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The disturbing screenshot which hit the viral note was shared by a Twitter user based out of South Delhi leaking the 'Bois locker room' (Boys locker room) chat which revealed a teen convincing others boys to gangrape a girl. According to the Twitter user, a group of 20 boys, all aged 17-18 years were based out of South Delhi. 

Delhi Commission for Women issues notice

The Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) has also taken suo moto cognisance of several news reports regarding the above-stated Instagram group.

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'Two boys from my school are a part of it': Confession of Delhi schoolgirl

In a thread of messages, the chats revealed that the boys were discussing the age of the girls who were minors and barely 16-years-old. 

The Twitter user further went on to accuse them of morphing pictures of girls of their age group and shared screenshots of the same saying that her friends are freaking out as the boys belonged to her school. 

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She wrote, "A group of South Delhi guys aged 17-18 types have this ig gc named "boy's locker room" where they shit on, objectify and morph pictures of girls their age. 2 boys from my school are a part of it. MY FRIENDS AND I ARE FREAKING OUT THIS IS SO EWWW AND NOW MY MOM WANTS ME TO QUIT IG"

Furthermore, she also shared pictures of the group members, which have been identified by some users on the microblogging site. She further warned others, "South Delhi mutuals, if you know any of them like personally or through twitter ya ig please block and report (this is for people inactive on it)".

The Bois locker room deleted their Instagram account after it was made public and went on to create an entirely new IG account asking people to create fake accounts in case they want to join the group so nobody can expose them. 

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Read the leaked 'Bois locker room' chat here: 

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'Bada feminist banti hai, let's leak their nudes': Bois locker room exposed

After the group was exposed they allegedly claimed that they will leak nudes of all the girls speaking up against them.  The cyber cell responded to this and has taken action against the group admins. 

The members of the Boys Locker Room group have allegedly been booked under section 66E of the IT Act for Cyber Bullying. An official statement is still being sought from the Delhi Police or the cyber cell. The netizens are appealing the police to take severe action against the group members before the matter escalates further. 

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'Rape culture can not be normalised': Reaction from netizens

The thread received a huge response from netizens who were terrified as to what extent has rape culture been normalised in the county and want to furthermore expose the bois locker room gang.  

One wrote, "Monisha beta 'rapist group chat' bolo yeh 'bois locker room' is too middle class."  Another said, " Bois locker room, not a group of teenagers, it's the mirror reflecting the society we live in. Reality is, it becomes sin only when you are exposed to society & till the things are in locker u r proud enjoy it & as u sneak out of locker u pretend as morally high." 

"Scary and numbing! I personally don't have words for this. The mindset of these 16-17-year-old boys is disgusting. And they don't have any sort of guilt even all the things are public.
This is why it is so important to teach your sons how to behave." 

Disclaimer: This article is based on threads, screenshots and reactions from Twitter and Instagram pages of various social media users who were the first few to leak the lewd conversations of 'Bois locker room'